I am a big fan of music and I love to learn new things about it and I love to learn new instruments too. One of the easiest instruments I have ever picked up is the ukulele.

I taught myself how to play because I didn’t have enough money for lessons and also some of my friends had ukuleles and I had a little fiddle on theirs before I got my own and was hooked.
There are so many YouTube videos out there of people teaching you how to play the ukulele and they all teach popular songs (TheUkuleleTeacher is my favourite). Or there are even blog posts that teach you how to play them.
If you want to learn guitar but can’t either afford one or like me have tried one and found it too hard then the ukulele is the instrument for you!
The ukulele has 4 strings and the fret board is a lot smaller than a guitars therefore making it easier to play as there are less places to put your fingers! Also the strings are a lot thicker so it means that if you have slightly bigger fingers like my own then instead of holding down two strings on a guitar you’ll hold one string on a ukulele.
The ukulele is such a fun instrument to play and it’s a great one to take on holiday or camping as its a all and it gives off those cute vibes!
This ukulele is for Rocket Music and it cost around £25 on Amazon. It came with a soft case which means I can transport it without it getting scratched, however if I were to take it on holiday I would buy a hard case so it doesn’t get broken. These cost around the £30 mark but it’s definitely worth it!
Let me know if you learn to play the ukulele and tell me what songs are best to play!

St. Patrick’s Day



Today is the day where it is acceptable to wear green and get drunk! YAY! However, it being a Tuesday its probably not the best idea that I get drunk especially with an A level maths lesson 1st thing tomorrow morning! Yeah probably not the best idea in the world!
St. Patrick’s Day is a huge thing for me as I’m Irish and my plan is to move to Ireland for university as Ireland is my home and I love it there and in all honesty I wish I was living there right now.
My St. Patrick’s day celebrations will be happening on Saturday when we go out for a family meal together which I’m quite excited about!
Let me know what you are doing for St. Patrick’s Day in the comments or using the #TeaTimeWithCiara on all social media. I would love to see what you are up to!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Walking in Spring Time

Walking is one of the best ways to exercise, it also gets you outdoors and taking in the fresh air. You can also do this somewhere with really nice views so you can go do some photography whilst you are there.
In Bournemouth, where I live there are loads of little places that you can walk with beautiful scenery, Bournemouth gardens being one of them. 

Also there is the obvious seaside that is stunning to walk along.

Going for walks is something that you can do with your friends that doesn’t involve money and you can have good chats with your friends whilst getting the fresh air that we need in our day to day lives. It’s also a nice thing to do with all of the family as well as walking can be done by all ages.
Walks can be done at anytime of day which is one of the amazing things about them. Sometimes going out at twilight can provide some of the best photos.

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Some people reading this will probably question me about why I wear makeup to school. My friend today described it as war paint and I completely agree. As soon as my makeup is on I feel ready to go outside and start the day. That might not be the way for everyone as some people might not put makeup on for school, but for me it gives me the feeling of ‘Yes I have got out of bed and I am ready for school. LETS DO THIS!’

Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream
It is so important to moisturise your face before you put makeup on, as makeup can dry out your skin even if you don’t usually get dry skin. Nivea is really good as 1 it is relatively cheap and 2 they provide a product for all different skin types. The one I use is for Normal and Combination Skin. I know they do products for oily skin and dry skin which for one brand is pretty amazing. Thank you Nivea!

Collection 2000 Colour Match Foundation
I apply this all over my face!
This foundation I feel gives really good coverage on the skin. This foundation throughout the day adapts to your skin tone and makes it look that little bit more natural.

Helen E Cosmetics Blemish Concealer
I apply this on all of my blemishes and or redness and blend like crazy!
I haven’t heard very much about this concealer and in all honesty I’ve never heard of the brand. My friend had a makeup party and this woman worked for Helen E and I’ve had this concealer a while, but it’s only been recently that I’ve remembered why I bought it, because it covers blemishes so darn well!

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
I apply this under my eyes and if there is still any redness or blemishes that is not covered by the first concealer I put this on top and blend. 
If you have not heard of this concealer I do not know where you have been! This concealer provides insane coverage and it is definitely possible to use this concealer on its own and skip out the first concealer. The only reason why I have both is that this concealer is a tad lighter than my natural shade therefore I only really put it under the eyes sort of like a highlight I guess. 

Rimmel Match Perfection Ultra Creamy Compact Powder
I apply this all over my face, so that it leaves my skin with a matte finish which I love.
This powder is good and as you can see I am coming to the end of it. I don’t really see the ‘creaminess’ about it, but to powder your face and create that matte finish I feel like it is a pretty good drug store powder for those on a budget.

Bourjois Paris Délíce de Poudre Bronzing Powder
With this I contour my face. I apply this on my cheek bone, by my hair line and near my temples and underneath my chin. I use downwards type strokes when applying this and I only put a tiny amount of product on my brush as you can always put more on, but it is more difficult to take it off without having to redo your whole makeup.
This bronzing powder is really good for contouring. People have different opinions about this bronzer, but I really like it as for my skin tone it provides the right amount of colour that I want when contouring, not to orange/brown but that happy medium that you can notice something is there but it’s not quite like your Kim Kardashion style. I guess if you wanted the Kim Kardashion style of contouring then this definitely is not the bronzer for you!

Urban Decay Naked Palete
I use four colours from this palette. They are virgin, sin, naked and toasted. Firstly I apply sin all over my eyelid as this is a nice pinky shimmery tone that is quite nice for spring. Then I apply a small amount of naked in the crease. To give my eye a bit more definition and colour I add toasted in the outer part of the crease to deepen the look of my eye. To finish off the eyeshadows I apply Virgin in the tear duct and just under my brow bone as this opens the eyes and can brighten them. 
The Naked Palette from Urban Decay is amazing the pigmentation I get from it is really good and the colours are just so pretty and really go with my eye and skin tone colour. These colours are also really easy to use and there are so many different looks you can create with it and this is the one I have been wearing a lot lately.

Maybelline New York Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner
Depending on what mood I’m in in the morning depends on whether I do a winged eyeliner or just a regular eyeliner. Most days it would be the winged, but recently I’ve been loving just the lining of the eyes. It is also a heck of a lot easier when you are in a rush to get the school bus!
I feel that this eyeliner is easy to apply and does give you a really harsh dramatic black line which for me is what I like in an eyeliner. I’m not a huge fan of the brush it comes with, but it works and if you are like me and haven’t managed to get yourself a new one its not bad. I must invest in a new eyeliner brush! YAY another excuse to go makeup shopping!

Soap and Glory Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara
You know how to apply mascara!
I’ve tried a few mascaras and I was fortunate enough to get this one for a Christmas present and I feel that this literally does what it says on the packet, by making my eyelashes thicker and more voluminous without having to apply 50 coats of mascara. 

Mac Lipstick in the shade Lovelorn
If you don’t know how to apply lipstick I will worry slightly!
This lipstick is just such a natural colour which when heading into Spring is what you want. It is also great for everyday because it’s one of those lipsticks which you can tell that someone is wearing a bit of colour on their lips but it’s not super obvious.
And here we have the finished look!
If you do recreate this look please do send me pictures I would love to see, you can use the hashtag #teatimewithciara on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@ciara_odoherty). I look forward to seeing some recreations.

Life Post: Missing Lessons

I’m in school right now and we have a teacher in the common room who is the head of sixth form.  I take psychology and most of the class don’t turn up to the lesson as our teacher isn’t the best of teachers in the world and most people take psychology as a filler subject because there wasn’t any other subject that they wanted to take. I take the subject because I find it genuinely interesting to see how the mind works. 

All in all most people don’t turn up to the lesson because they are not interested in it. However, in May there is going to be an actual exam that we will take at the end of the course and whatever result we get from this exam is the result we have for the rest of our lives and it goes down on university forms and helps us get places for university even if we drop the subject at the end of the year. 
So in conclusion even if you hate the subject, whether that’s maths or English, you should definitely make the effort to go as it could affect what university you go to. 

Volunteering: Contact the Elderly Tea Party

I like to Volunteer for things as it makes me feel like I have achieved something and it gives me one of those warm feelings inside. It’s also a way to give back to my community and show people that not all teenagers sit around inside all day and play on their phones and can’t make a normal conversation.

Every year at my school, they put on a tea party for the elderly and every year I have unfortunately been unable to attend, but this year was the first year I could finally go! My teacher Mrs Baker asked me to be the photographer for the day whilst others performed.
The boarding house staff and pupils put on a lovely display of sandwiches and cakes for the elderly and it was just so nice to see us younger generation provide entertainment for the older generation.
It was just so nice to talk to them all as they wee all so fascinating. One of them was telling me about her experiences in the Second World War which was just so interesting since I love history and just hearing her experiences was just incredible and I could bever imagine what she went through.
Whilst I was busy taking photographs some of the pupils performed a short concert for the elderly. One of my best friends Darcey sung two songs on her guitar. One of them was ‘Over the Rainbow’ and her second song was ‘You Are My Sunshine’. Now if you had been there you would’ve said it was the cutest thing they had ever seen! They all started singing along and just genuinely enjoying themselves and it was just such a lovely sight to see! They were all just enjoying the simple things like having a cup of tea with their friends and singing along to old classics. I don’t feel like people do this enough! They classics are classics for a reason!
Today was so much fun and I hope to go next year to the Tea Party to see more people enjoy themselves.
Also just a quick thank you to everyone who came today. You are all fabulous people! Special thank you to Mrs Baker as well for organising the event. You can book me in for next year!

Cheer up Spring is on the Way

You know Spring is coming when you start to see daffodils starting to grow in your garden!

Yes we are starting to come to that time of year again where the knitwear can start heading towards the draw and we can bring out the pastels and be all cute.
I love Spring as this is when we see new life and everything is so small and tiny I just can’t even! Baby lambs are the cutest! My village church bring some to the church service every year and it’s just so darn adorable!
I don’t know about you but Spring gets me motivated to be that little bit more healthier. Maybe it’s because summer is coming or I know when it come ps to the exam period in May/June I will binge eat on stuff I probably shouldn’t and then I’ll feel bad about it after.
So my Spring resolution is is that I’m going to go running and go to the gym more often. Now if any of my friends are reading this they are probably laughing right now because ahaha funny thing is, is that I don’t run! But guys this is going to be a new step! I’m going to go running and I’m going to start slow with it all and progressively get faster and run a further distance. I’m also going to try and eat a little bit healthier as well (not completely though!)
Instead of a burger I might go for a slice of quiche and maybe lay off the carbs for a bit… they are my weak point!
So when I get my next pay check in I am going to be down at Sports Direct and I’m going to be buying me some new trainers specifically for running and the gym. Yes I do go to the gym.
Let’s get healthy so we can have an awesome summer bod (hopefully)

Life Post: Long Time no See

Well it has been a while since I first blogged and I’ve been thinking that I should blog more. It’s a fun thing to do and it gives me somewhere where I can upload my thoughts without directly talking to someone. 
So what have I been up to since I last blogged:
– Well I’m back from Thailand
– Seen my friends
– Tried our new makeup looks
– Have actually been keeping up my New Years resolution of asking more questions
– Helped my friend start her blog (when I could’ve been writing on mine!)
– Started my YouTube channel. FINNALY (so you should defo subscribe to it! Please!)
And just had a blast while doing it
Now it’s the beginning/middle of March I can make a new months resolution can’t I?
Ok so the plan is to upload 1 YouTube video a week every Sunday AND create at least one blog post a week starting from now. I promise (kinda)
Now I feel that being in my As year of school that if I manage this it would be a real achievement and I really hope I can do this as I do enjoy writing blogs and making YouTube videos. Basically I just love content creating!
So a basic sum up I’m going to create more content!