Cheer up Spring is on the Way

You know Spring is coming when you start to see daffodils starting to grow in your garden!

Yes we are starting to come to that time of year again where the knitwear can start heading towards the draw and we can bring out the pastels and be all cute.
I love Spring as this is when we see new life and everything is so small and tiny I just can’t even! Baby lambs are the cutest! My village church bring some to the church service every year and it’s just so darn adorable!
I don’t know about you but Spring gets me motivated to be that little bit more healthier. Maybe it’s because summer is coming or I know when it come ps to the exam period in May/June I will binge eat on stuff I probably shouldn’t and then I’ll feel bad about it after.
So my Spring resolution is is that I’m going to go running and go to the gym more often. Now if any of my friends are reading this they are probably laughing right now because ahaha funny thing is, is that I don’t run! But guys this is going to be a new step! I’m going to go running and I’m going to start slow with it all and progressively get faster and run a further distance. I’m also going to try and eat a little bit healthier as well (not completely though!)
Instead of a burger I might go for a slice of quiche and maybe lay off the carbs for a bit… they are my weak point!
So when I get my next pay check in I am going to be down at Sports Direct and I’m going to be buying me some new trainers specifically for running and the gym. Yes I do go to the gym.
Let’s get healthy so we can have an awesome summer bod (hopefully)