Life Post: Long Time no See

Well it has been a while since I first blogged and I’ve been thinking that I should blog more. It’s a fun thing to do and it gives me somewhere where I can upload my thoughts without directly talking to someone. 
So what have I been up to since I last blogged:
– Well I’m back from Thailand
– Seen my friends
– Tried our new makeup looks
– Have actually been keeping up my New Years resolution of asking more questions
– Helped my friend start her blog (when I could’ve been writing on mine!)
– Started my YouTube channel. FINNALY (so you should defo subscribe to it! Please!)
And just had a blast while doing it
Now it’s the beginning/middle of March I can make a new months resolution can’t I?
Ok so the plan is to upload 1 YouTube video a week every Sunday AND create at least one blog post a week starting from now. I promise (kinda)
Now I feel that being in my As year of school that if I manage this it would be a real achievement and I really hope I can do this as I do enjoy writing blogs and making YouTube videos. Basically I just love content creating!
So a basic sum up I’m going to create more content!