Volunteering: Contact the Elderly Tea Party

I like to Volunteer for things as it makes me feel like I have achieved something and it gives me one of those warm feelings inside. It’s also a way to give back to my community and show people that not all teenagers sit around inside all day and play on their phones and can’t make a normal conversation.

Every year at my school, they put on a tea party for the elderly and every year I have unfortunately been unable to attend, but this year was the first year I could finally go! My teacher Mrs Baker asked me to be the photographer for the day whilst others performed.
The boarding house staff and pupils put on a lovely display of sandwiches and cakes for the elderly and it was just so nice to see us younger generation provide entertainment for the older generation.
It was just so nice to talk to them all as they wee all so fascinating. One of them was telling me about her experiences in the Second World War which was just so interesting since I love history and just hearing her experiences was just incredible and I could bever imagine what she went through.
Whilst I was busy taking photographs some of the pupils performed a short concert for the elderly. One of my best friends Darcey sung two songs on her guitar. One of them was ‘Over the Rainbow’ and her second song was ‘You Are My Sunshine’. Now if you had been there you would’ve said it was the cutest thing they had ever seen! They all started singing along and just genuinely enjoying themselves and it was just such a lovely sight to see! They were all just enjoying the simple things like having a cup of tea with their friends and singing along to old classics. I don’t feel like people do this enough! They classics are classics for a reason!
Today was so much fun and I hope to go next year to the Tea Party to see more people enjoy themselves.
Also just a quick thank you to everyone who came today. You are all fabulous people! Special thank you to Mrs Baker as well for organising the event. You can book me in for next year!