Life Post: Missing Lessons

I’m in school right now and we have a teacher in the common room who is the head of sixth form.  I take psychology and most of the class don’t turn up to the lesson as our teacher isn’t the best of teachers in the world and most people take psychology as a filler subject because there wasn’t any other subject that they wanted to take. I take the subject because I find it genuinely interesting to see how the mind works. 

All in all most people don’t turn up to the lesson because they are not interested in it. However, in May there is going to be an actual exam that we will take at the end of the course and whatever result we get from this exam is the result we have for the rest of our lives and it goes down on university forms and helps us get places for university even if we drop the subject at the end of the year. 
So in conclusion even if you hate the subject, whether that’s maths or English, you should definitely make the effort to go as it could affect what university you go to.