My Obsession with Pinterest

So about a year or so ago I joined Pinterest and being me who is not the best with technology and social media did not really understand what it was and what to do with it. After a while I realised that it was something that was the most amazing invention that was ever created! 

Now a year on I have reached 2k pins on Pinterest! This obsession is not ok! I can spend hours on Pinterest pining random stuff that I’m never going to need and It is a major obsession of mine and i just can’t help but pin random stuff. 

This is such a random post about my obsession with Pinterest and I’m not sorry as its a way of spending your afternoon and procrastinating which isn’t really that great, but still I love it and I’m not giving it up!

Do any of you have Pinterest?


Why ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Disappointed me

I read all 3 of the books for ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ over the Christmas holidays and it didn’t take me that long to read them as they were very easy reads. These books are not my favourite as the quality of writing wasn’t great, but I was just compelled to read it for some reason.

Now because I’m not 18 years old I was unable to see the movie when it came out, but since then I’ve watched the movie and I was disappointed by it all. I didn’t feel the acting was that good which I was quite disappointed about. I was also annoyed how it wan’t exactly like the book.

The thing I’m most annoyed about are the sex scenes. They weren’t as raunchy as what I was hoping for. I mean yes they were more raunchy than most of your average film, but I didn’t really go WOW that’s hot, which from all of the fuss that was going on about the ratings of it I was expecting more.

So all in all a slight let down, however I will definitely watch it again and I will also watch the next films when they come out. Let me know what you guys think!


The Pros and Cons of Babysitting

Tonight I’m babysitting a 7 year old and that’s great I love her to pieces and would happily babysit her, however there are some pros and cons that can occur whilst babysitting.  

ice cream eating!


  • You get to relive your childhood again due to the toys and the making of useless stuff
  • Children’s films are the best films ever
  • You can bribe them to do some of the chores that need doing with sweets and chocolate
  • You get paid to play with toys!
  • They go to bed early so when you don’t want to play any more you can easily send them to bed
  • You get there left over food


  • You get nothing done because they need entertaining every second, so any work that you need doing will have to be forgotten about
  • Playing the same games can get boring
  • They go to bed early and after that it can get boring

Ok so yes there are more pros to babysitting, however the cons are quite important considering that at my age I need to get some revision done. 

Can you think of any more pros or cons. Let me know! 


Songs that I Keep Coming Back to

For this blog post I decided to list songs that I can’t help but press repeat to.

  • swashblueVance Joy – Riptide
  • Taylor Swift – Blank Space
  • Olly Murs ft. Demi Lovato – Up
  • One Direction – Night Changes
  • Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
  • Rhianna and Kanye West and Paul McCartney – Four Five Seconds
  • Sam Smith ft. John Legend – Lay Me Down
  • George Ezra – Budapest
  • George Ezra – Listen to the Man
  • John Legend – All of Me
  • Lucy Hale – You Sound Good to Me
  • Meghan Trainer – Dear Future Husband

So this is my list of songs that I keep coming back to. Its a bit of a random list of songs with a mixture of different styles, but thats me, I listen to lots of different styles of music.

Let me know what songs you are listening to at the moment. Like with my books I need some new songs to listen to.


Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint Review

I love painting my nails, however I hate the fact that I have to wait ages for them to dry so when I was in Boots and I was looking at the Barry M stall and I saw that there were a new range of nail polish that claim to dry quickly, I just had to get some.

Iceland 2015 021

I bought three colours from the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry range, they were:

  • Lap of Honour (pastel purple)
  • Road Rage (mint green)
  • Eat My Dust (pastel blue)

Iceland 2015 024

Lap of Honour

Iceland 2015 028

Road Rage

Iceland 2015 026

Eat My Dust

I feel like these names are very random, however I feel like they perfectly describe my life at the moment, as I have terrible road rage, my room 99.9% of the time is dusty and I guess with the Lap of Honour that’s me driving around in my car with absolutely no purpose apart from the fact that I can show off that I can drive!

The colours of this range are mostly pastel colours which seems fitting now that we are in Spring time where pastel colours are the all go. And talking about the colours like all Barry M nail varnish the pigment of this is incredible and I also love pastel colours so these nail varnishes are amazing.

Now onto the whole point of the product which is how fast the nail paint dries. I feel that this nail paint dries super speedily which for a 17 year old on the go is great.

Another  bonus with these nail polishes is that they didn’t chip as quickly as most nail paints do. When I wore these all I put on was a base coat and then 2 coats of the nail paint and they didn’t chip for like a week! Maybe thats because I have been at home for the past week so maybe thats why as I haven’t been doing any strenuous work, but who knows?


I’m going into town soon and my allowance came through yesterday so  I might have to buy a couple more of these varnishes as they are amazing and they are also PASTEL COLOURS!

Let me know what you think of the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint!


P.S. this blog was not sponsored and all of these opinions are my own and I really think these nail paints are awesome I’m definitely buying some more!

My Facebook Status in 2020

blue triangleWith teachers ramming it down my throat about the future and universities, its only natural that I’ve been thinking about the future and I was wondering what my Facebook status could be. I don’t tend to use Facebook much, I’m much more of an Instagram or Twitter girl, but I do post on  Facebook every so often.

So I thought about what I would’ve liked to of happened by 2020, so I’m going to create a list of things that I would’ve like to of happened

  • Passed my A Levels
  • Went travelling with some friends
  • Moved to Ireland
  • Got a degree from University
  • Bought my own house
  • Starting my career in something
  • Got a bit more of a following on my blog and YouTube channel

So a potential status could be:



So there we go. Hopefully some statuses that I will have by 2020. What will your Facebook status be in 2020?


Fake Facebook Status from

Blue Triangle from

Netflix Addictions and Recommendations

So just a little over a year ago I subscribed to the wonderful streaming service of Netflix where they have plenty of films and TV shows to watch. However, Netflix being amazing can be slightly addicting. For all of us that have it we know it’s super easy to press that ‘Next Episode’ button and then 3 days later we find that we have been through a whole season of our favourite tv show.

So here are a few of my addictions and recommendations that are available on Netflix:


The Vampire Diaries – This is about 2 brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore who have to hide the fact that they are vampires. They have moved back to Virginia which was the town that they were turned into vampires. Stefan does not like to kill and he tries to control his brother whom is the complete opposite of Stefan. Whilst in Virginia Stefan falls in love with a girl named Elena who finds out things that change her life.

Orange is the New Black – This is about a woman named Piper who turns herself into the police and ends up in a Woman’s Prison. This show shows the struggles and changes Piper has had to make during her time in the slammer.

Pretty Little Liars – This is about 4 teenagers who are trying to find out who murdered their best friends and keeping secrets along the way. Whilst doing this they are also trying to find out who is threatening them.

Once Upon a Time – This is putting a twist on the classic Disney fairy tales we all know and love. The fairy tale characters have been put under a curse where they are in the real world and don’t know who they are. (I don’t know much about this one, however I have watched 15 episodes and love it and it is already an addiction of mine!)

So there we have it my Netflix addictions and recommendations from over the last 12 months. Enjoy watching!


Watercolour flower from

No Makeup Makeup Look | Video

In this weeks video (that went up late, sorry!) I show you how to do a No Makeup Makeup look. In Summer I like to have slightly less coverage when it comes to makeup, I think it could be because I feel like foundation melts off my face when its hotter. This look is also great for school so your teachers can’t tell you off because you look like you aren’t wearing any.

I hope you enjoy the video. If any of you try this look out show me using the hashtag #TeaTimeWithCiara

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