How I display my Polaroids

So I love taking photographs and when I realised that I had enough amazon vouchers to buy myself a polaroid camera I did and recently I have put them up around my room and I thought I would share how I did it.

How I store my polaroids blog 002

How I store my polaroids blog 005

One way to put them up is with tiny pegs and with string against your wall.  I call this the ‘tumblr way’ as I see things similar to this on tumblr, but I made it my own by purchasing these colourful pegs, that you can get at Hobbycraft, that just add a bit more colour to my very white wall.

How I store my polaroids blog 006How I store my polaroids blog 010

Another way of putting up your polaroids is by getting a letter holder (I don’t really know what it’s called????). This one is a vintage one that I got from a  charity shop. It’s so easy and simple as all you have to do is slot the polaroid in and then your done!

I love polaroids as they are an instant snapshot with no editing and it also means that you can print pictures out because most of us now-a-days don’t print off our pictures as they are on some form of screen.

I hope you find this helpful and you can put your polaroids up. Show me using the hashtag #TeaTimeWithCiara