Staying Organised

One of the hardest things for a person to do in their life is to keep themselves organised (is that just me?). Coming up to exams it is so important to try and keep yourself organised on this short run up. So here are my futile attempts at organising my life:

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Dodo-Acad Pad
I don’t think anybody knows how much I appreciate the fact that this book diary type thing exists. Ever since getting this I have been that little bit more organised about when I’m going to do revision and when I’m going to go out and see friends. The dodo pad is made up of pages (obviously it’s a book) with one side fairly plain which they suggest that you could doodle on, but this is where I keep all of my tasks for the week. The other side consists of a grid with the dates on. These columns you can use for whatever. I use them to show general stuff, morning, afternoon, celebrations and my to-do list for that day. This book has kept me so organised since September when I first got it. I will definitely be buying another one of these.
To-Do Lists
I like to hand write these and prioritise them as it means that I do the stuff that I need to do first rather than the ¬†stuff I like doing but doesn’t need to be done as urgently as something else. I also enjoy the feeling of once completing something to be able to cross it out or even ticking it off, its just such a good feeling deep down inside to know that you have accomplished something and that thats one thing you don’t have to do because you’ve done it! This is also very useful as it means you won’t forget to do these things as they would all be written down.
Setting Reminders
On most phones now-a-days there is a reminder feature that reminds you to do something at a certain time or in a certain location. Now let me tell you something the amount of times I would have forgotten my gym clothes if I didn’t set a reminder is not even funny. This feature means I won’t forget as it makes an annoying sound and also I check my phone every few minutes which means if I didn’t hear the noise I definitely would see on my Lock Screen that I needed to do something.
So there we have it just a few tips and tricks to staying organised.
If you have any ways that you keep organised leave a comment below to help us all out!