Life Post: Beach Walks and Cute Days

Yesterday was a really great day. It was one of the days I felt most calm about life and it was just so relaxing. I made myself not do any work all day and I went out.

So in the morning I decide to get up early and be out of the house by 9am. I managed this just by a minute as I got into my car and pulled out of the house at 8:59. Let’s talk about the skills of that. Go Me!

I decided I wanted to go to a beach 20 mins away from me called Mudeford. This beach is never packed and it is usually full of dog walkers which it was. Whilst I was there I decided to take some photos as the beach looked amazing and it was just such a beautiful day for photography and a calming beach walk. Here are some photos that I took of Mudeford.

Blog Post and 3 videos 035 Blog Post and 3 videos 038 Blog Post and 3 videos 040Blog Post and 3 videos 044

After visiting Mudeford I went home and did my makeup ready for going out for a late lunch with 2 of my friends, Georgina and Darcey. We went for a walk along Bournemouth Pier and I had a lovely lunch in the restaurant cafe on the pier called Key West. My lunch consisted of fish and chips (Darcey had the same) and Georgina had a haloumi salad which did look good and I kind of wished I had it, even though the fish and chips were amazing.

After our lovely late lunch we went for a walk along the beach and obviously when you are on a beach in beautiful summer weather we had a scoop of ice cream. I had vanila which tasted amazing.

After this we sort of just chatted about life and other things that I don’t really remember. We also wandered around some shops and not really buying anything, but just looking and walking.

FullSizeRender (1)

It was such a calm and peaceful afternoon and every so often especially in this run up  towards exams it was just nice to have a relaxing afternoon with the girls and I hope we can do this more often.


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