Netflix Addictions and Recommendations

So just a little over a year ago I subscribed to the wonderful streaming service of Netflix where they have plenty of films and TV shows to watch. However, Netflix being amazing can be slightly addicting. For all of us that have it we know it’s super easy to press that ‘Next Episode’ button and then 3 days later we find that we have been through a whole season of our favourite tv show.

So here are a few of my addictions and recommendations that are available on Netflix:


The Vampire Diaries – This is about 2 brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore who have to hide the fact that they are vampires. They have moved back to Virginia which was the town that they were turned into vampires. Stefan does not like to kill and he tries to control his brother whom is the complete opposite of Stefan. Whilst in Virginia Stefan falls in love with a girl named Elena who finds out things that change her life.

Orange is the New Black – This is about a woman named Piper who turns herself into the police and ends up in a Woman’s Prison. This show shows the struggles and changes Piper has had to make during her time in the slammer.

Pretty Little Liars – This is about 4 teenagers who are trying to find out who murdered their best friends and keeping secrets along the way. Whilst doing this they are also trying to find out who is threatening them.

Once Upon a Time – This is putting a twist on the classic Disney fairy tales we all know and love. The fairy tale characters have been put under a curse where they are in the real world and don’t know who they are. (I don’t know much about this one, however I have watched 15 episodes and love it and it is already an addiction of mine!)

So there we have it my Netflix addictions and recommendations from over the last 12 months. Enjoy watching!


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