Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint Review

I love painting my nails, however I hate the fact that I have to wait ages for them to dry so when I was in Boots and I was looking at the Barry M stall and I saw that there were a new range of nail polish that claim to dry quickly, I just had to get some.

Iceland 2015 021

I bought three colours from the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry range, they were:

  • Lap of Honour (pastel purple)
  • Road Rage (mint green)
  • Eat My Dust (pastel blue)

Iceland 2015 024

Lap of Honour

Iceland 2015 028

Road Rage

Iceland 2015 026

Eat My Dust

I feel like these names are very random, however I feel like they perfectly describe my life at the moment, as I have terrible road rage, my room 99.9% of the time is dusty and I guess with the Lap of Honour that’s me driving around in my car with absolutely no purpose apart from the fact that I can show off that I can drive!

The colours of this range are mostly pastel colours which seems fitting now that we are in Spring time where pastel colours are the all go. And talking about the colours like all Barry M nail varnish the pigment of this is incredible and I also love pastel colours so these nail varnishes are amazing.

Now onto the whole point of the product which is how fast the nail paint dries. I feel that this nail paint dries super speedily which for a 17 year old on the go is great.

Another  bonus with these nail polishes is that they didn’t chip as quickly as most nail paints do. When I wore these all I put on was a base coat and then 2 coats of the nail paint and they didn’t chip for like a week! Maybe thats because I have been at home for the past week so maybe thats why as I haven’t been doing any strenuous work, but who knows?


I’m going into town soon and my allowance came through yesterday so  I might have to buy a couple more of these varnishes as they are amazing and they are also PASTEL COLOURS!

Let me know what you think of the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint!


P.S. this blog was not sponsored and all of these opinions are my own and I really think these nail paints are awesome I’m definitely buying some more!