The Pros and Cons of Babysitting

Tonight I’m babysitting a 7 year old and that’s great I love her to pieces and would happily babysit her, however there are some pros and cons that can occur whilst babysitting.  

ice cream eating!


  • You get to relive your childhood again due to the toys and the making of useless stuff
  • Children’s films are the best films ever
  • You can bribe them to do some of the chores that need doing with sweets and chocolate
  • You get paid to play with toys!
  • They go to bed early so when you don’t want to play any more you can easily send them to bed
  • You get there left over food


  • You get nothing done because they need entertaining every second, so any work that you need doing will have to be forgotten about
  • Playing the same games can get boring
  • They go to bed early and after that it can get boring

Ok so yes there are more pros to babysitting, however the cons are quite important considering that at my age I need to get some revision done. 

Can you think of any more pros or cons. Let me know!