Tapas, Car and the Beach

I like days like today where us girls can go out and chill. Now that I can drive it makes it a bit easier for all of us to go into Bournemouth and look around and just chill. Also it’s quite nice on a day when none of you have an exam just to sort of have some down time and just go out for a meal and have some fun.


I think we ordered a little too much food!

   We all went out for lunch to a local tapas bar and ate sooooo much food. We all had a starter of bread and then we got to select three tapas. All of this was for under £10 which is incredible value for decent food. I had fried potatoes, pork meatballs and some form of chicken??? It tasted so good and it was just amazing and we are definitely going there again. There’s so much there that I want to try and it all just looks amazing!

After we all just looked round Bournemouth for a bit and ended up just sitting on the beach and having a bit of a matter about life and stuff which was great as we were out in the fresh air looking at wonderful views and just having a bit of a chat.

We all got a bit cold (and a bit bored so we all headed back to my car and we went for a drive round Bournemouth looking from view points at the beach.



It was just such a lovely afternoon and I feel like every time we end up going into town we always have a plan and it is just sometimes nice to be slightly spontaneous about it all and just go with whatever is we feel like.

We should do this more often!

What do you like to do on chill days with your friends?