My Lucky Charms

get ready with me and lucky charms post 005 get ready with me and lucky charms post 007

Some of you might have a couple of lucky charms that help you through things that you need that little bit of luck on such as exams or performing in front of people, so for this blog post I decided to show you a few of mine, that I can’t do anything scary without.

Gold Band Ring

This is an incredibly plain ring made out of gold, but this ring has quite a bit of sentimental value as it was my Dad’s wedding ring. I have only recently decided to wear it, but now I can’t seem to take it off. Ever since wearing it I feel like things have been on the up for me, so this ring ain’t ever coming off!

Greek Eye Necklace

This necklace has no sentimental value unlike the ring. I bought this in Greece a few summers back and heard that the Greek eye brings you luck. I wore this necklace throughout my GCSEs and I’ve also been wearing it throughout my A-levels. As it is not one of my most prettiest necklaces I don’t tend to wear it that often unless I know I’m going to need all the luck I can get!

Pink Dog Teddy

For my GCSEs and A-levels I’m not actually allowed to take a mascot in, however when I first took an exam at school (it was an internal one so it wasn’t that important!) I was bought this little teddy as a mascot I can’t remember who bought it for me, but it has been either on my desk when I was lower down the school when we had an exam or like now in my bag (don’t tell my friends I bring a teddy to school! It’s only for exams. I promise!). 

An Irish Harp Broach

I was bought this by a relative from my Dad’s side when my Mum got remarried as it is a sign of good luck. These family members are Irish so I tend to trust them when they say when something brings them luck as the Irish are known to be very lucky! I tend to wear this when I’m about to perform in front of someone or in the school orchestra for a concert, I don’t wear it for exams for some reason. I also wear it when I see the family to show them how much I appreciate the broach.

There we have it my lucky charms that get me through the struggles. Some of you might not believe in luck and for some of these items I feel that it is the belief that gets you through rather than the item holding luck, however I am still going to believe that my dog toy does contain luck and I am still going to continue to have it in my bag during exams.

Do you have any lucky charms? Let me know!