Woodland Outfit of the Day | Video

For this weeks video I have decided to do another Outfit of the Day because my beautiful friend Georgina said she would film it for me so thank you very much! My school grounds have a massive woods in so I thought that this would be the perfect location for a video. Hope you like... Continue Reading →

Farewell Mr Priest

Over the last 5 years I have had percussion lessons and I have really enjoyed them that is due to my amazing teacher Mr Priest who's final day at Talbot Heath was last week as he has decided to move back to Derbyshire where he was born and where his parents lived which is fair... Continue Reading →

My Favourite YouTube Channels

Every teenagers obsession at the moment is YouTube and it's fair to say that most people have a YouTube account whether they post videos or they use it as a way to subscribe to channels so they can get updates when they post. So I thought I would tell you a few of the channels... Continue Reading →

Motivational Monday | Experience Edition

I've been thinking about applying for a job and most places I've looked at are all requiring you to have some form of experience which is difficult seeing as I've never really had a job before. So when I was looking at quotes for this weeks Motivational Monday I discovered this one by William Shakespeare.... Continue Reading →

Summer Walks

So recently if you follow me on social media you would know, but I've been to lots of outdoorsy places now that my exams are over. I mean in the last week I've been to Brownsea Island and Swanage with some of my friends. Whilst in these places I've been going n really long walks.... Continue Reading →


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