Woodland Outfit of the Day | Video

For this weeks video I have decided to do another Outfit of the Day because my beautiful friend Georgina said she would film it for me so thank you very much!
My school grounds have a massive woods in so I thought that this would be the perfect location for a video.

Hope you like it!

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Farewell Mr Priest

Over the last 5 years I have had percussion lessons and I have really enjoyed them that is due to my amazing teacher Mr Priest who’s final day at Talbot Heath was last week as he has decided to move back to Derbyshire where he was born and where his parents lived which is fair enough. This makes me super sad as he will no longer be teaching me in my final year of school. Now for most of you this probably seems a bit dramatic or maybe even a bit crazy that I am so upset of him leaving. Well….

When I was a little 12 year old girl I decided that I should pick up a new instrument and I was drawn in by all of the percussion instruments as they looked so fun and so therefore I picked them. I’d never met Mr Priest before so it was all a little bit new and I wasn’t really too fond of meeting new men especially after my Dad and Grandad died so I guess you could say was that I was nervous of this

Mr Priest BASICALLY made me play this instrument called the Marimba as his plan was that I would play it in the school orchestra once the person who was originally playing it left (clever plan there), but after about hmmm 3 YEARS of playing this instrument I had had ENOUGH so we’ve moved onto many different instruments and he said I’d be good enough to take the grade 4 exam his words not mine!

During my lessons we sort of didn’t just make music like we’re supposed to do, but we actually usually muck around and act like we are literally about 6. Also in our ‘lessons’ we watched amazing YouTube videos of up and coming musicians which was fun as it inspired me to carry on with percussion.

Another little thing about Mr Priest is that I trust that man with EVERYTHING! I thing I am bold enough to say that he is one of the first men I have trusted in a while and I am so grateful he has been a small part of my life and I really hope he doesn’t tell anyone up in Derbyshire about me as he knows way too many secrets about me that I really don’t want getting out there! Not that I will probably ever meet anyone that he knows in Derbyshire but you never know! (He also knows a few secrets about some of my friends WHICH NO ONE CAN EVER KNOW THAT I TOLD HIM AND NO ONE CAN EVER KNOW ABOUT THEM! MR PRIEST IF YOU ARE READING THIS DO NOT TELL ANYONE ANYTHING I TOLD YOU!!!!!!!!)

I have really enjoyed my time doing percussion with Mr Priest and I am so sorry that he has to go as he will be dearly missed. The last thing I heard is that he didn’t have a job to go to so anyone in Derbyshire needing a percussionist Dan Priest is your guy!

Good luck in Derbyshire Dan Priest and Thank you for everything you will be dearly missed and this new teacher will obviously never be as good as you!

Thank You


Motivational Monday | Kindness

So usually I’d be coming at you with a quote that I have lived by for the past week, but this last week I haven’t really needed a quote that can help me through this week as now I’ve finished all of my exams and I’m back at school full time, I don’t have to worry about anything apart from small things that happen on a day to day basis. But I still wanted to post something because I enjoy the fact that having a motivational blog on Monday morning can be useful. 

So this blog is sort of something that I felt was just important to get down on this little blog of mine and that is to be kind which is super important in life. 


Happy Monday 


Outfits of the Week – June | Video

For this weeks video I decided to show you what I wore as I like outfit videos and I wish I could do them more than I do as they are amazing. Also they usually require another person to film them. BUT I watched Essie Button’s video on her Outfits of the week and I really liked how she did this so I thought I would give it a go.

Hope you enjoy this video!

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My Favourite YouTube Channels

Every teenagers obsession at the moment is YouTube and it’s fair to say that most people have a YouTube account whether they post videos or they use it as a way to subscribe to channels so they can get updates when they post. So I thought I would tell you a few of the channels that I have subscribed to and LOVE their videos.

Tea Time With Ciara

Yes I know thats my channel! But when talking about your favourite YouTube channels you have to throw yours in there as its one of your favourites! Plus who doesn’t love a bit of shameless self-promo!


Luhhsetty is a teenager who lives in the states and creates YouTube videos based on beauty. I think she is really good at makeup tutorials and get ready with me style videos

Emily Diana Ruth

Some of you may know Emily as Charlie McDonald’s (charlieissocoollike) girlfriend. Now she doesn’t post weekly however when she does post she creates these really cool artsy and deep videos which is what I aspire to be like!


These are a duo from the UK who are amazing music artists. They write their songs and perform covers on this channel and they also have some amazing locations to shoot there videos. I WANT TO KNOW WHERE THEY ARE! I found out about theseguys as they supported Olly Murs this year and let me tell you, I know that they will be the soundtrack to my summer!


If you haven’t heard of these guys you are CRAZY. They are an Irish family who moved to England and they do daily vlogs and I love watching their 2 children Emilia and Eduardo grow. It’s so cute and adorable! I love them


Now I have talked about this girl a lot on this blog because she is one of my friends and that is Georgina from Wanderings of a Lost Soul and for the summer she has decided that she is going to start her own YouTube channel which I am so excited about! She only has one video at the moment, but I think it could put you in the mood for summer!

So I hope you also enjoy these channels as much as I do and don’t forget to subscribe to them all!


Motivational Monday | Experience Edition

I’ve been thinking about applying for a job and most places I’ve looked at are all requiring you to have some form of experience which is difficult seeing as I’ve never really had a job before. So when I was looking at quotes for this weeks Motivational Monday I discovered this one by William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare quote I think what this is trying to say is that exprience is like a jewel as it helps us understand ourselves and the world. It is also impossible to put a price on this and also experience is limitless and that it is a life long process. Overall, you can never have to much experience.

I hope you have been inspired like me to experience things this week.


Summer Walks

So recently if you follow me on social media you would know, but I’ve been to lots of outdoorsy places now that my exams are over. I mean in the last week I’ve been to Brownsea Island and Swanage with some of my friends.

Pottery Pier, Brownsea Island
Board Walk, Brownsea Island

Whilst in these places I’ve been going n really long walks. Whilst on Brownsea Island we went on a 3 mile walk round the island which was amazing as we got to experience some amazing views. Also in Swanage we went on a walk and we could see Swanage Bay and it was just a beautiful site to see.

Classic Blogger shot there of the feet!

It got me thinking how nice it is to go on walks with all of your friends as you can have a chat and end up seeing some pretty amazing views. I mean both of these areas are great places to practise those photography skills and also maybe even film a video as the views are incredible and its just such a nice location.

Near Swanage
Ice cream on Swanage Beach

But going on walks doesn’t have to involve nice views. It could be round your town or it could be walking to the middle of no where.

I think it’s really healthy just to go for a walk, not to do anything, but just to go for a walk with no purpose as I think it freshens the mind and calms you down.

To be honest it was also nice just to be outside instead of being cooped up inside revising for the exams!

So in conclusion: GO ON WALKS!


Motivational Monday | Ariana Grande Edition

So if you saw yesterdays blog/video or followed me on Twitter or Instagram you would know that I saw the wonderful Ariana Grande live last Monday and let me just tell you she was fabulous. So when I was doing a little google search on her the other day I came across this quote that she said and I thought I had to share it with you as she is absolutely right about this.

Quote: Ariana Grande Photograph: Robert Ascroft
Quote: Ariana Grande
Photograph: Robert Ascroft

Have a good Monday!


Get Ready With Me: Ariana Grande Concert | Video

So FINALLY I’m back with another video. It’s been a while, but now that all of my exams are over I thought I would film a video.

I decided to film a Get Ready With Me video and I thought considering the fact that I am going to Ariana Grande I’m going to show you how I got ready for that!

I hope you enjoyed this video and more videos should be coming soon.

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