Summer Walks

So recently if you follow me on social media you would know, but I’ve been to lots of outdoorsy places now that my exams are over. I mean in the last week I’ve been to Brownsea Island and Swanage with some of my friends.


Pottery Pier, Brownsea Island


Board Walk, Brownsea Island

Whilst in these places I’ve been going n really long walks. Whilst on Brownsea Island we went on a 3 mile walk round the island which was amazing as we got to experience some amazing views. Also in Swanage we went on a walk and we could see Swanage Bay and it was just a beautiful site to see.


Classic Blogger shot there of the feet!

It got me thinking how nice it is to go on walks with all of your friends as you can have a chat and end up seeing some pretty amazing views. I mean both of these areas are great places to practise those photography skills and also maybe even film a video as the views are incredible and its just such a nice location.


Near Swanage


Ice cream on Swanage Beach

But going on walks doesn’t have to involve nice views. It could be round your town or it could be walking to the middle of no where.

I think it’s really healthy just to go for a walk, not to do anything, but just to go for a walk with no purpose as I think it freshens the mind and calms you down.

To be honest it was also nice just to be outside instead of being cooped up inside revising for the exams!

So in conclusion: GO ON WALKS!