My Favourite YouTube Channels

Every teenagers obsession at the moment is YouTube and it’s fair to say that most people have a YouTube account whether they post videos or they use it as a way to subscribe to channels so they can get updates when they post. So I thought I would tell you a few of the channels that I have subscribed to and LOVE their videos.

Tea Time With Ciara

Yes I know thats my channel! But when talking about your favourite YouTube channels you have to throw yours in there as its one of your favourites! Plus who doesn’t love a bit of shameless self-promo!


Luhhsetty is a teenager who lives in the states and creates YouTube videos based on beauty. I think she is really good at makeup tutorials and get ready with me style videos

Emily Diana Ruth

Some of you may know Emily as Charlie McDonald’s (charlieissocoollike) girlfriend. Now she doesn’t post weekly however when she does post she creates these really cool artsy and deep videos which is what I aspire to be like!


These are a duo from the UK who are amazing music artists. They write their songs and perform covers on this channel and they also have some amazing locations to shoot there videos. I WANT TO KNOW WHERE THEY ARE! I found out about theseguys as they supported Olly Murs this year and let me tell you, I know that they will be the soundtrack to my summer!


If you haven’t heard of these guys you are CRAZY. They are an Irish family who moved to England and they do daily vlogs and I love watching their 2 children Emilia and Eduardo grow. It’s so cute and adorable! I love them


So I hope you also enjoy these channels as much as I do and don’t forget to subscribe to them all!