The End is Here

So today is the last day of July and that brings me to the end of this blogging everyday for a month, which makes me really sad because I have really enjoyed it and I know I'm going to miss blogging every day! Perhaps all of these feelings are telling me to put out more... Continue Reading →

Dorset Heavy Horse Centre Day Out

Today has been a very busy, but an incredibly fun day that I could more than happily repeat if you asked me to. When I was younger and lived in London I used to come down to Verwood (30 mins away from Bournemouth) to wear my Grandma lived for the holidays because when I was younger... Continue Reading →

Failing at Being Healthy

Is it just me or in summer do all of your diet plans or just eating healthier go out of the window in summer? I feel like the phrase 'yes you can have an ice cream because you are on holiday' is used a lot in my family, which at the time I'm completely ok... Continue Reading →

Spanish Haul | Video

For this weeks video I decided to show you everything I bought whilst I was in Spain because some of it is really cute and adorable and I can't wait to use/wear these things! Hope you enjoy the video! Don't forget to subscribe! ~Ciara~

More Spain Photos

So my last Spain photos got quite a bit of love and I have found some more photos that I really like so I want to share them with you again. So there we go these are the last Spain photos and there will be no more photos from Spain because I practically took the... Continue Reading →

Happy Place Tag

I've had a little look around and I've never seen this, but I really wanted to start something like this off so I came up with the Happy Place Tag. This doesn't require you to answer questions all it does is just have a photo of your happy place (doesn't matter where it is) and... Continue Reading →

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