The End is Here

So today is the last day of July and that brings me to the end of this blogging everyday for a month, which makes me really sad because I have really enjoyed it and I know I’m going to miss blogging every day!

image-1Perhaps all of these feelings are telling me to put out more than 2 blogs a week! Maybe I will start blogging a little bit more than that throughout August but I won’t be blogging everyday otherwise I will run out of ideas!

Thank you so much for joining me on this blogging everyday thing and I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Hopefully I will do something like this again because I cannot stress how much I have enjoyed it, but it would be good to take a bit of a break from the blogging every day thing!

I know that this is going to be so weird tomorrow going ‘oh no I haven’t blogged today’ and then realising that it’s no longer July any more!

Anyway Thank you for these last 31 days! Please keep reading because there are new blogs every Friday and Sunday and the occasional Monday!


Dorset Heavy Horse Centre Day Out

Today has been a very busy, but an incredibly fun day that I could more than happily repeat if you asked me to.

When I was younger and lived in London I used to come down to Verwood (30 mins away from Bournemouth) to wear my Grandma lived for the holidays because when I was younger I loved it here. My Grandma was great because she used to take me out to loads of places and one of the places was the Dorset Heavy Horse Centre which was about  a 10 minute drive away. I LOVED it at the Heavy Horse Centre because when I was younger (and I still am) I was in love with horses, so somewhere where it’s a whole place dedicated to horses was my all time dream! We used to come here multiple times in a holiday and sometimes multiple times in a week! This was one of my favourite places to come and I have very many happy memories there as I have been to the Heavy Horse Centre probably since I was about 3 years old.

Today I decided I was going to take my niece so she could create happy memories at a place I once loved. Also the main reason of the visit today was so I could revisit it as I’m guessing that it has probably been a good 6 years since I have been and I really wanted to revisit before I head off to uni!

As you can kind of gather these aren’t your everyday pony these horses are taller than me. They were bred for war and then later on used for labour, such as ploughing fields. Did you know that it could take a horse 9 hours to plough a field that was 1 acre in size whereas a tractor could do it in 10 minutes! A great thing about the Horse Centre is that all of the horses are rescue horses and some have been with the family for years and even before they bought the farm 10 years ago. It was funny because some of the horses that were there today were there when I was 3 which was so nice to see because that really was a massive trip down memory lane!

My niece (Lily) had such a fabulous time today she drove a horse and carriage (with actual members of the public on, which terrified me slightly), had tractor and trailer rides, she got to feed all of the animals, play on the go-carts and so much more that I possibly can’t remember!

Dorset Heavy Horse Centre Daytrip with Lily 004 Dorset Heavy Horse Centre Daytrip with Lily 022 Dorset Heavy Horse Centre Daytrip with Lily 029 Dorset Heavy Horse Centre Daytrip with Lily 065 Dorset Heavy Horse Centre Daytrip with Lily 071 Dorset Heavy Horse Centre Daytrip with Lily 080 Dorset Heavy Horse Centre Daytrip with Lily 088 Dorset Heavy Horse Centre Daytrip with Lily 108

Heavy Horse Centre 011 Heavy Horse Centre 035 Heavy Horse Centre 046

I’m so glad I got to return to this wonderful place and I would be more than happy to return their in the near future!

Thank you to the wonderful staff who made this day so special and for keeping the farm in such good condition that I am still able to visit 15 years from when I first went!


National Lipstick Day: My Favourite Lipstick

Happy National Lipstick Day! Today is the 29th of July and it is National Lipstick Day, which I didn’t realise until I got an email from a company, that I forgot… BUT ANYWAYS I wanted to tell you all about my favourite lipstick and this has been my favourite lipstick for a while and I want to tell you all about it!

What's in my bag and My Favourite Lipstick 003 What's in my bag and My Favourite Lipstick 004 What's in my bag and My Favourite Lipstick 008

My favourite lipstick is by M.A.C. it is from the matte collection and it is called Dangerous. This is a nice pillar box red and again  it is matte and I love that in a lipstick PLUS it’s a M.A.C. lipstick and who doesn’t love one of them! The packaging as per usual from M.A.C. is beautiful. I think it’s something about the simplistic black bullet shape that just makes me swoon!

Fun Fact: this was my first ever M.A.C. purchase and also my first ever ‘high end’ makeup purchase.

So yeah this is my FAVOURITE lipstick and I tend to wear it a lot and when it runs out I will be purchasing it again!

What is your favourite lipstick?

Happy National Lipstick Day!


Failing at Being Healthy

Is it just me or in summer do all of your diet plans or just eating healthier go out of the window in summer?

blue triangleI feel like the phrase ‘yes you can have an ice cream because you are on holiday’ is used a lot in my family, which at the time I’m completely ok with because who wouldn’t be ok with having an ice cream on holiday when you are in a hot country, but when I come back I kind of sort of regret it slightly… Not much though because it was a really good ice cream and those apple slices we had from the supermarket were great and yes right now whilst writing this I would really like another one, BUT that wasn’t the point of this blog!

The point of this blog is basically telling myself that even though you might be on holiday or its the summer so I can treat myself is ok, but not just on a daily basis which is what it has sort of turned into!

For some reason if I write it on this blog and publish it I seem to do it so the plan with this is that if I write about here I might actually stick to the being healthier thing!

So is it just me that loses the healthier lifestyle or am I being relatable? Let me know!


Musical Monday | Magic Moments

This is very different to what I normally blog about, but I’ve wanted to do this for a while.

This is my cover of Magic Moments by Perry Como

So this song here is one of my favourites and it’s also pretty easy on the ukulele too! I love music from the 50s and this is one of my favourite songs from that era!

I just want to point out that I won’t be posting a song every Monday, but when I feel like it!

Hope you enjoy it. Comment any other songs that you think I should do.

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More Spain Photos

So my last Spain photos got quite a bit of love and I have found some more photos that I really like so I want to share them with you again.

Spain, happy place and haul 003

Spain, beach , house tiur and travel makeup 014 Spain, beach , house tiur and travel makeup 016 Spain, beach , house tiur and travel makeup 018 Spain, beach , house tiur and travel makeup 019

So there we go these are the last Spain photos and there will be no more photos from Spain because I practically took the same photo over like a thousand times!


Happy Place Tag

I’ve had a little look around and I’ve never seen this, but I really wanted to start something like this off so I came up with the Happy Place Tag. This doesn’t require you to answer questions all it does is just have a photo of your happy place (doesn’t matter where it is) and say why it is your happy place. For example this is my Happy Place

Spain, happy place and haul 007

This is a photo of my Happy Place.

Spain, happy place and haul 006

My happy place is inside my car looking over Bournemouth Bay and the Pier all the way round to Old Harry Rocks and almost seeing Swanage.

My happy place also involves me being parked on the side of a fairly busy road and that is just how I like it. I like that the road is there because it reminds me every so often when a car rolls past or a person walks by that the world is still working around me and it hasn’t just stopped because I’ve stopped.

I’ve come here sometimes when I’ve been really upset or even angry and just completely calmed down because you are away from the busy bustling town centre of Bournemouth but still close enough to hear it all and see it all, but just not be there. I think also the sea has something to do with the calmingness. I don’t know what it is but the sea is so relaxing!

I can literally spend hours here like I did today and just stare out into the open.

So there we go there is my happy place. If any of you are interested on the exact location it is East Overcliff Drive in Bournemouth.

I tag anyone reading this to do this and please comment below if you have and link your blog so I can read it! I would love to hear where your Happy Places are!


Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea Review

First Impressions and Swanage Day Out 001 First Impressions and Swanage Day Out 013 First Impressions and Swanage Day Out 018

I love having baths but sadly I am allergic to most Lush products so can’t use their products which makes me jealous! So I have to find alternatives.

A little while ago I discovered the new collection from the Body Shop of the Fuji Green Tea stuff and I love the smell of green tea so I knew I had to buy something and then I saw the bath salts and the tea strainer and I was sold!

For this to work in a non-messy way you need to buy the tea strainer because otherwise the actual tea leaves would go everywhere! It’s another annoying cost, but it saves time after the bath trying to get the tea out and also it’s nly a one time purchase!

As would be expected the product smells amazing! I just love the smell of green tea and the Body Shop capture it so well!

I guess the only downside to this is that you have to use a lot of product for anything to actually happen, and considering this is one of the more pricier products it’s slightly frustrating, but when I get out of the bath after using this I do smell like green tea and it’s just so refreshing!

So there we go, my review on the Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea.

Writing this post has made me want to go and have a bath. Hhhmmmm I might just go do that!


Spain Photos

So I have been feeling a bit under the weather these last few days and my Mum and I have discovered it wasn’t due to dehydration! (but obviously keeping hydrated is very important) But I am going to the doctors hopefully tomorrow!

ANYWAYS! Blogs aren’t easy to write when you are feeling under the weather so the last couple of blogs have not been great, but I’m planning on trying to write a few now so that the last 10 days or so of blogging is not terrible just because I’m feeling terrible!

So to get me back into the main swing of blogging again here are some of my photos from my holiday in Spain.

Spain and YouTube boyfriend 001 Spain and YouTube boyfriend 002

Never ending sea
Never ending sea
I don't know what flower this is, but I thought it was so pretty.
I don’t know what flower this is, but I thought it was so pretty.

Spain, beach , house tiur and travel makeup 033

So these are only a few of the photos that I took because knowing me I took about 200 photos of the same thing!

If you would like to see any more let me know!