Chopping it Off

If any of you have seen pictures of me at all you will know that I had really long hair and I loved it.  

 I loved my long hair soooo much and it was so great and I could do so many different styles with it and it was just so beautiful. After a while, the ends of my hair became very damaged and wispy and it did not look right. In fact I was falling out of love with my long hair. I still liked it but it was more annoying than nice.

So on Tuesday I took the plunge and had quite a lot of my hair chopped off. I don’t quite know how much but let’s just say it was a heck of a lot and I couldn’t actually watch my hair dresser Glennys cut it so I basically sat there in the chair with my eyes closed so I didn’t have to watch my long hair that I’ve worked so hard for to grow.

After it was done, at first I was shocked and not sure about it, but as soon as I got in the car and had a proper look I was freaking obsessed with it and was even saying to myself that I might even get a bit more off and make it into one of those long bobs that look pretty cool. 

It’s fair to say that I love my new hair style and am incredibly happy with it.


Short Hair Don’t Care

I also have a huge thank you to Glennys for cutting my hair for free! You are an absolute star and I love you xx

What do you think? Should I go shorter or keep it this length? Let me know in the comments.