I'm Sorry and Update

I am a bad blogger as I missed yesterday, but there is a very simple explanation for that and that is because of the fact that whilst I am here in Spain the wifi broke here over the weekend (I havent had wifi since Friday). Now you could ask how could you blog on Friday and Saturday if you had no wifi. Well the simple reason is s that there is a special feature called scheduling blogs and I had scheduled blog posts for both Friday and Saturday, but I hadn’t scheduled a blog post for Sunday because I hadn’t finished editing the video and I was going to upload it and write the blog as soon as the video was up on YouTube, but then the wifi was down and I couldn’t. So I am very sorry and today there will be another blog at some point to make up for the fact that I didn’t blog yesterday.


You might be aware that I’m in Spain and it has been such a relaxing holiday that I have really needed. I’m not going to tell you what I’ve done here because 1) it’s not a lot and 2) there is going to be one nice concluding blog post (which I have already started writing) which is going to be up very soon (not quite sure when). 

I hope wherever you are you are having a relaxing time like me.