Artists I want to see Live

Over the last few months I have been to a couple of concerts in London at the O2 Arena. In early May I saw Olly Murs perform there and then on the 1st of June I saw Ariana Grande. Both acts were incredible and I would like to see them both live again, but it got me thinking of who else I wanted to see live.

swashblueTaylor Swift – I feel like this is an obvious choice for most teenage girls as she writes songs about love and also the fact that she is a HUGE star and is amazing. However, can I just point out that I’m a fan that has been a fan of hers for years in fact since the start and I wish I coukd’ve seen her live when she was still writing country songs. BUT  if someone offered me tickets right now I would be first person in the que lining up and trying to get into Loft 89,

Sam Smith – I mean he is extremely talented  and his songs are incredible, yes his songs are slightly depressing so I would have to wear waterproof mascara, but I think it would be a great night full of emotion.

Justin Timberlake – I mean can you blame me? He is another talented man and has some slick dance moves. I feel like he would be one where you could just dance all night and not have a care in the world

Ed Sheeran – He can write incredible songs and also he’s besties with Taylor Swift!

Beyonce – because she is BEYONCE

Bruno Mars – He is another artist that I feel you can sing and dance at all night. Also from performances I’ve seen him do on TV with all of his dance moves I feel like that he would be a great entertainer.

Maybe in a few years time I will get to see all of these acts live because I would love to!

What acts would you like to see live?