Spain and YouTube boyfriend 002

So today is technically my last day in Spain, but by the time this blog has gone live I should (hopefully) be on a plane back home to the UK, but I felt today was as good a day as any to blog about my wondrous time here in Spain.

So last week I got on a plane at ridiculous o’clock in the morning to travel to Spain for my holiday! YAY! We chose Spain because we own a house here and this was my first time ever seeing this house considering that we’ve had this house for about a year and lets just say I’m impressed with this house and I think it would be great for a girlie holiday next year after all of our exams are over and we have finished school for good!

I feel like I’ve needed a holiday for quite a while and this has been one of those holidays where I haven’t done at all much, which lets be honest I am quite happy about as it has been a beautiful time to relax.

I mean don’t get me wrong we have been out and about, like the other day we went to Murcia to do some shopping which was an hour and a half away and we also headed out to a market in Vera and spent some time there but on a whole my family and I have chilled on the beach and round the pool doing not a lot which has been great and such a nice thing to do after exams and those last few weeks back at school.

The beach here is lovely and its is gloriously warm which means I could try and develop that tan I wanted! (It’s sort of mostly ended up as sun burn but shhhh!) But if any of you have lived or been to Bournemouth knows the beach gets crowded, but the beach here isn’t as busy and there is so much room to put up you broly and put your chair down its great! We also have a pool here at the Spanish house which is beautiful and bigger than I expected!

The food here has also been delicious and I think everywhere should do tapas because then you can get lots of little dishes so if you can’t choose between chicken or pork, you can get both! It’s a genius idea!

In the next few days I might put together a short video of my the views here in Spain, but I’m not sure what do you think?

This has been such a great holiday and super relaxing!