Happy Place Tag

I’ve had a little look around and I’ve never seen this, but I really wanted to start something like this off so I came up with the Happy Place Tag. This doesn’t require you to answer questions all it does is just have a photo of your happy place (doesn’t matter where it is) and say why it is your happy place. For example this is my Happy Place

Spain, happy place and haul 007

This is a photo of my Happy Place.

Spain, happy place and haul 006

My happy place is inside my car looking over Bournemouth Bay and the Pier all the way round to Old Harry Rocks and almost seeing Swanage.

My happy place also involves me being parked on the side of a fairly busy road and that is just how I like it. I like that the road is there because it reminds me every so often when a car rolls past or a person walks by that the world is still working around me and it hasn’t just stopped because I’ve stopped.

I’ve come here sometimes when I’ve been really upset or even angry and just completely calmed down because you are away from the busy bustling town centre of Bournemouth but still close enough to hear it all and see it all, but just not be there. I think also the sea has something to do with the calmingness. I don’t know what it is but the sea is so relaxing!

I can literally spend hours here like I did today and just stare out into the open.

So there we go there is my happy place. If any of you are interested on the exact location it is East Overcliff Drive in Bournemouth.

I tag anyone reading this to do this and please comment below if you have and link your blog so I can read it! I would love to hear where your Happy Places are!