Failing at Being Healthy

Is it just me or in summer do all of your diet plans or just eating healthier go out of the window in summer?

blue triangleI feel like the phrase ‘yes you can have an ice cream because you are on holiday’ is used a lot in my family, which at the time I’m completely ok with because who wouldn’t be ok with having an ice cream on holiday when you are in a hot country, but when I come back I kind of sort of regret it slightly… Not much though because it was a really good ice cream and those apple slices we had from the supermarket were great and yes right now whilst writing this I would really like another one, BUT that wasn’t the point of this blog!

The point of this blog is basically telling myself that even though you might be on holiday or its the summer so I can treat myself is ok, but not just on a daily basis which is what it has sort of turned into!

For some reason if I write it on this blog and publish it I seem to do it so the plan with this is that if I write about here I might actually stick to the being healthier thing!

So is it just me that loses the healthier lifestyle or am I being relatable? Let me know!