The End is Here

So today is the last day of July and that brings me to the end of this blogging everyday for a month, which makes me really sad because I have really enjoyed it and I know I’m going to miss blogging every day!

image-1Perhaps all of these feelings are telling me to put out more than 2 blogsĀ a week! Maybe I will start blogging a little bit more than that throughout August but I won’t be blogging everyday otherwise I will run out of ideas!

Thank you so much for joining me on this blogging everyday thing and I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Hopefully I will do something like this again becauseĀ I cannot stress how much I have enjoyed it, but it would be good to take a bit of a break from the blogging every day thing!

I know that this is going to be so weird tomorrow going ‘oh no I haven’t blogged today’ and then realising that it’s no longer July any more!

Anyway Thank you for these last 31 days! Please keep reading because there are new blogs every Friday and Sunday and the occasional Monday!