Busy but Blissful

Irealand 2015 Malahide Castle 207I feel sort of bad because I have missed a few Fridays for blogs, but in another way I feel like I’m leading a very busy life at the moment and I feel that a lots happened this last week and blogging was sort of at the bottom of my list, which is a bad thing because I enjoy it so much!

So your wondering then what were you up to last week? Well from last Sunday through to Wednesday I was camping with the girlies (blog post coming soon, not sure when, but all I know is soon!), then Thursday was the scary thing of A-Level results day, which was very stressful, but all I will tell anyone about my results is that I’m pleased with them! Then Friday I went shopping with my Mum in Southampton looking for some shoes for my step sisters wedding next month and then Saturday came (which is today) I haven’t done that much which has been somewhat blissful!

I remeber before our camping trip that I was complaining I wasn’t doing much and I hated days where I stayed at home and did nothing and now I am craving them, but now school is only 2 weeks away I feel like these next 2 weeks are becomming ever so full, because I still need to finish my history work that was set this summer, and I feel like there was a psychology essay set, but no one really knows…?

This week right now seems pretty bare, but knowing me and my friends we will plan something very last minute because who needs planning time!

So that is it from me! I promise I will be a better blogger and blog! But for now I’m going to bed!