Motivational Monday | Results Edition

I haven’t done a Motivational Monday in ages! That’s probably because I haven’t been very motivated to do anything because it’s the summer holidays!

However last Thursday (13th August) and this Thurday (20th August) are very important to some people because it’s their results day!

I was one of the people who collected their A Level Results which was last Thursday, but GCSE people are still waiting for their results and I really wish you get the best results possible.

But this post isn’t about wishing you luck, because I know everyone would have done their best for their exams. This post is about what happens after your results.

I’ve collected 2 sets of results now so I feel like I know what I am doing when it comes to them so you would’ve thought that it was easy to prepare yourself for the results day, but I know its the worst thing ever! The day before you are all panicy about the fact that you think you have failed and then on actual results day you sigh in relief that you haven’t failed them!

I don’t know wether this is the same at your schools, but at my school we are ery much pressured to get the best grades possible so we can still keep our position as no.1 school in Bournemouth, and that is a HUGE amount of pressure. My GCSE results were alright, not the best and let me just tell you that I did not get any A*, but I passed every single one and also I was allowed to do all of the A Levels I wanted to do, which was my main goal, but somehow my school/friends still made me feel like I hadn’t done that well! I have heard stories that someone at my school cried because they didn’t get any A*’s, which I think should never happen! Also some people cried because they got C’s! (I’m glad those people didn’t get my results because I think they would have caused the whole of Bournemouth to flood! No school should make someone feel like that and I think that it is terrible that my school does make people feel like that! A C is a very good grade!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get all A’s and A*’s because all you will get is the same certificate as the person with all C’s! As soon as you start your A Levels no one cares about your GCSE’s and from what I have heard from friends who have gone to uni, as soon as you start your degree no one cares about your A Levels!

If you do feel like you have ‘messed up’ I urge you to talk to your teachers to see what they can do about it. There is always other options and don’t be scared by it all!

So good luck for the GCSE students and Well done to all A Level students!


Photo taken by Ciara O’Doherty of Weymouth beach. Edited by Ciara O’Doherty

Sorry for the rambly post, but I needed to get my thoughts and opinions out there and the way I’ve written it is the only way I know how to explain it!