The Last Time I am 17

Today is a weird day. Today is the last day that I am 17, the last day that I am legally classed as a child. As of tomorrow I am an adult that is supposed to have those important  responsibilities.  It's slightly weird. Some of my friends say it's a big deal that I am... Continue Reading →

Summer Favorites | Video

For this weeks video I decided it was about time to show you all what I have been loving over the Summer! I have been loving A LOT this summer so I needed to put it into a video! I hope you enjoyed this little favorites video! What are some of your favorite things from... Continue Reading →

Is the UK Energy Secure?

Whilst I've been doing this blogging thing for a while I like to share my findings and also research that I have done in the past few weeks. The last one I did of these was all the way back in July when I did some research about Elizabeth 1. However, this one isn't going... Continue Reading →

Uni Chats | Video

This is my first ever collab video and I am so glad that it could be with my friend and fellow YouTube creator Georgina from Wanders&Wonders. We decided we wanted to do something a bit different to my normal beauty videos and we went with a (sort of) serious talk about uni and future things!... Continue Reading →

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