Back to School for the Last Time

As this post goes live (I’m writing this a few days before) I will be just about to start the second day of my last year EVER at school, which sort of makes me sad because I now have to decide what I am going to be doing for the rest of my life (writing that makes it even more scary…) and also because I will be leaving my friends and family to move onto another place (hopefully Ireland where I want to go to university). However, the fact that this is my last year in school makes me fill with joy because I can’t wait to leave to go and start the rest of my life in a new place and also to leave school and stop with all of their stupid rules about what to wear and also what to do and what not to do! I am well aware that in the future there will be rules like this, but hopefully not as strict as what school can sometimes be…

This is a picture of my school. (I did not take it and I don’t know who did, but credit to that person)

I hope that in this last year of school I can have fun (even though I have to get my head down and work my but off) and also that I can create some good and lasting memories of my time at school!

Good Luck with everyone that is starting a new year at school!