The Last Time I am 17

Today is a weird day. Today is the last day that I am 17, the last day that I am legally classed as a child. As of tomorrow I am an adult that is supposed to have those important  responsibilities. 

It’s slightly weird. Some of my friends say it’s a big deal that I am going to be 18 tomorrow, however for me it’s going to be an ordinary day as I still have school and it’s going to be normal apart from the fact that I might have a badge, balloon and perhaps some presents… Another thing is that all of my friends will still be 17 so I can’t share my joy of having all of these new responsibilities and other things because they don’t have them either. 

Don’t get me wrong I am excited about my birthday happening, I mean I can legally buy alcohol and I can go out clubbing. Whether I will or not is another story, but I can still do it. If I wanted to I could drive in France and Spain. 

So there are some good things about turning 18. I just hope that tomorrow is a good day! And also that I don’t get too much homework!


Another thing about turning a new age is that I get to change my little slogan of ‘Blogging about life as a 17 year old’ cause I won’t be 17!