Blogmas Kinda


December only means 1 thing in my eyes… CHRISTMAS!!

Now I know you can see from the title that you know this is about Blogmas and yes I want to get my blogging creative juices flowing again! I feel like I don’t blog like I used to so I’m going to amp up my blogging game!

Now just before you think yes a blog post every day, it might not be! I realize that it is less easy around the holiday period to blog every day  also I have course work to write and that is my priority.

However, if you are subscribed to my YouTube Channel (which you totally should be!) then you will know I am doing Vlogmas, so go check out my channel for daily of me! YAY

I’m excited for both Vlogmas and Blogmas! It will be the first time where I am blogging and vlogging everyday at the same time!I hope I am successful!

tea time christmas header

So wish me luck!