November Favourites

Advent Calendars and November Favourites 041For the first time ever I have decided to do my November favourites on my blog! This is mainly because I need some ideas for Blogmas!


Advent Calendars and November Favourites 023

I haven’t done my best job at keeping my skincare routine up to scratch at the moment! I have a fair few spots at the moment, but I’m hoping to rectify this before Christmas comes around! (hopefully). However, one thing I have been doing purely because I got it as a free gift from the Body Shop is using a sugar scrub to exfoliate my entire body. I’ve been using the Shea Sugar Scrub and I love it so much. It’s not too harsh and it has the most beautiful smell. It literally takes a few minutes and my body is definitely thanking me for using this every few days!


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Advent Calendars and November Favourites 039I have been loving lots of eyeshadows at the moment! One of the eyeshadows that I have been loving is by MAC and its in the shade woodwinked. MAC eyeshadows are amazing! They are so pigmented and the colours are so pretty and I just love MAC products, but I have been constantly wearing this colour because it is so pretty!

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Advent Calendars and November Favourites 020

I have also been loving the eyeshadows that I bought at the end of October and that is the Collection Eyes Uncovered. I bought this because I wanted more eyeshadows! Also I just loved the colours and I had heard so many good things about it, so I had to get myself a palette. I actually wear all of these shades as well and the pigmentation of them is so good! For under a fiver this is a perfect little eyeshadow set!

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This here is an old favourite of mine that I had long forgotten about until I looked in my makeup draw and immediately fell back in love with it again! This is the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner. It’s so black and it easily glides onto the eyelid with a real ease. I’m not so pro with this that I can do a cat eye look with it, but it is so easy to use that I’m sure it won’t take long for me to learn!

Advent Calendars and November Favourites 024

I have always been one for a dark/red lip so obviously I had to include one! This is Maybeline Creamy Matte lipstick in the shade Divine Wine. It’s such a nice autumnal colour and I really recommend it to anyone obsessed with matte lipsticks, as this one does not dry out your lips! It’s so creamy and stunning! The colour of this too is just beautiful! Definitely recommend this product.


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Any of you who watch the channel Cute Polish on YouTube will know that she released an app called Polish Blast! Whenever I have a few minutes you will find me sat somewhere on my iPhone playing Polish Blast. It’s so addictive! It’s not ok!


So those were some of my favourites for the month! I hope you enjoyed this style of favourites!