Christmas Market OOTD

I went to a Christmas Market and I wanted to show you what I wore to keep warm at the Market!

I went for an outfit that would keep me warm whilst I am round the market and also something that I could also cool down in when we walk in and out of shops.

vlogmas 17 021

This red checked jumper I am wearing is actually from Sainsbury’s TU collection. Over the past year (being on a budget and all) I have found that Sainsbury’s actually does some nice clothes, I have quite a few nice ites from there that a lot of people have complemented me on and then were shocked when I told them it was from Sainsbury’s.

These leggings I am wearing are also from Sainsbury’s. These leggings are so comfy! They are also not see-through which for me is fabulous! I can’t stand leggings that you can see what pants you are wearing through them!

My parka coat is from Dorothy Perkins. I have had this for a good few years and it it is waterproof which makes life a little bit easier.  I love Dorothy Perkins clothes as they are such god quality and are always comfy to wear!

My boots are from New Look. I have also had these boots for a while! I think everyone knows that New Look is great for shoes when you are on a budget. These boots are also really comfy and can make a very casual outfit into something a little bit more dressy.

My hat is from Primark and again like most of the things I’m wearing I have had this for a while! This hat is the perfect size for my head and it keeps my head nice and warm! Also the hat is such a perfect colour for me! I love this colour so much!

My scarf is from River Island. I thought it went perfectly well together, plus I love scarfs!

I love doing OOTD posts. I haven’t done one in such a long time! Perhaps I should try and be more regular with these kind of posts!


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