Reindeer Noses DIY Gift

I have been very busy looking at Pinterest these last few days and I have spotted many things that I would like to make (look out for more blog posts on Pinterest inspired things!).

I needed something small to give to the Brownies as little Christmas presents from Snowy Owl (thats me by the way!) and I wanted to do something a little different and I found these reindeer noses that I thought were the most adorable thing in the world!

All you need is:
– 8 milk chocolate maltesers
– 1 red malteser (instead of trying to dye a malteser I found these Lindor red balls that I used instead)
– a bag to put the maltesers in
– some ribbon
– paper
– Rudolph sticker or print out (I used wrapping paper from Sainsburys)

Reindeer Noses 005Reindeer Noses 006Reindeer Noses 007

In the bag all you need is 8 milk chocolate maltesers (for the 8 reindeer) and 1 red malteser (for Rudolph).

Reindeer Noses 002Reindeer Noses 004Reindeer Noses 008Reindeer Noses 009

Then you can be as creative or as personal as you want, but considering I had to make 35 of these I stuck to a simple note saying Reindeer noses with a picture of Rudolph!

Reindeer Noses 010

This was so simple to make and it makes a perfect little stocking filler or simple but nothing like they have ever seen before gift for my Brownies.

I hope they enjoy them! I enjoyed putting the together!

If you recreate these let me know, I’d love to see them!