Christmas Tree Treats

Christmas trees and christmas heads up 038

Here is yet another Pinterest idea of mine! It was slightly more tricky than the Reindeer Noses I made the other day!

These treats are really tasty and fun to make for all the family if you don’t mind getting your hands sticky!

Christmas trees and christmas heads up 006Christmas trees and christmas heads up 007All you need are:
– 6 cups of rice krispies
– 10.5Oz of Marshmallows
– 3 tablespoons of butter
– Green food die
– Candy stars
– Skittles/M&Ms
– Any other kind of edible decorative

  1. What you ┬áneed to start with is making the ‘glue’. This requires melting the butter in a saucepan.Christmas trees and christmas heads up 004
  2. Once melted add the marshmallows.
  3. Once the marshmallows and butter has been melted add as much green food die as you need. I used half a bottle of green colouring and as you can see they didn’t turn out the greenest of trees I ever saw so I would probably use a bit more if I were to make these again.Christmas trees and christmas heads up 009
  4. Once the ‘glue’ has melted and is the colour that you would like it to be add the ‘glue’ to a bowl of rice krispies and mix it until the ‘glue’ is evenly spread.
  5. Leave the mixture to set for a while. The recipe I saw said to leave it for four minutes, however when we left it for that time to try to make the tree shapes it wouldn’t stick, so in the end we left it until it was cool.Christmas trees and christmas heads up 010
  6. Once the mixture has cooled you can start shaping the mixture into tree shapes. (A good tip is to rub butter over your hands as the mixture won’t stick to your hands.)Christmas trees and christmas heads up 016
  7. Once happy with the shape of the trees leave them to hardenChristmas trees and christmas heads up 022
  8. Now this is the fun part! You can decorate however, you like. I used white writing icing as tinsel and skittles as baubles. I also used candy stars as the topper of the tree, but you can decorate this however you like.

Christmas trees and christmas heads up 031Christmas trees and christmas heads up 038There we have it! A simple tasty treat for all the family to take part in.

Massive thank you to my friend Ellie for being my hand model for these photos!

If you decide to create these please let me know!