Barry M Matte Top Coat

Again I have been on Pinterest (because it is a great time waster!) and I have been looking up different kinds of nail art to see if there were any easy ones I could try! A look that kept popping up was the matte nail look, and I fell in love with this look and I had to just try and recreate these. So I made it my mission to find a Matte Top coat that wasn’t too expensive (you know being a student and all does not leave you with loads of money in the bank!). It took me ages to find one when I first started looking a few months back, I could only find matte nail polishes from Topshop and I didn’t want to have to repurchase all of my favourite colours again, but just in a matte finish. Then I found some  DIY ways to make your nails matte, but that takes time and effort! THEN, on Wednesday in my free I had a Google search and found one from Barry M!

I went out on the Wednesday and bought it! It only cost me £2.69 (because of my student discount, I think it costs £3 something). So on Wednesday night when I got home I looked at Pinterest to see which colour I wanted to try and I chose black, because it looked simple and just amazing in a matte finish!

Haul and Nai 009

Now onto the top coat itself! Like most Barry M nail products I fell in love with this top coat. It made my shiny black nail into a black non-shiny matte nail! It didn’t take forever to dry either, and it turned the nail matte pretty quickly.

FullSizeRender (5)

I added on some gold stripes for a bit of colour, because I felt that the black was too dark for me by itself (I am more of a colourful person than I am dark). These stripes didn’t last too long though 🙁 any ways that’s for another time!

Haul and Nai 011

Just yesterday I painted my nails a different colour because I wanted to see what the top coat was like with other colours!

I would really recommend this top coat if you, like me, are looking for a top coat to take away that shine! I am definitely going to be trying out more matte nail looks over the next few weeks, so look out for some of the looks on Instagram and Pinterest, because I am definitely going to be posting them on their, because I feel they are Instagram and Pinteret worthy!

What do you think?