How I Style: Black Pinafore

I did a video like this about white shirts a while ago and it is my most popular video, therefore I thought I would make another one about one of my new favourite clothing items which is my black pinafore. It also happened that I pretty much styled this monochrome style. I am just loving... Continue Reading →

Red Lipstick Collection

Now I don't know whether you know this about me, but I love a red lip and I have a heck of a lot of red lipsticks and all are¬†different¬†I promise! So because I have quite a few I thought I would show you! Ok, so I have mentioned this lipstick on many occasion because... Continue Reading →

First Birthday

A year ago today I posted my first ever video on YouTube. It was a video all about how to make a cup of tea. It wasn't the best video in the world, but I still like it. I still can't get over the support that I have had from friends and family (mainly my... Continue Reading →

Love Tag

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY Today as we all know is Valentines Day, so to fit with the theme of love, I thought that I would do the Love Tag! I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day Don't forget to subscribe! ~Ciara~

My Pancake Day Recipie

On Tuesday it is pancake day! This is one of the best days of the year because you get to eat pancakes! I thought I would show you how I make my pancakes which any Americans would call them crepes, but to me they are the best tasting pancakes in the world! So all you... Continue Reading →

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