Red Lipstick Collection

Outfit of the week 1 and red lipd 009

Now I don’t know whether you know this about me, but I love a red lip and I have a heck of a lot of red lipsticks and all are different I promise! So because I have quite a few I thought I would show you!

Outfit of the week 1 and red lipd 015Outfit of the week 1 and red lipd 023

Ok, so I have mentioned this lipstick on many occasion because it is my FAVOURITE lipstick of all time. This lipstick is Dangerous by MAC. It is has a matte finish, which is my favourite kind of finish. This is sort of your standard pillar box red shade which I just love. I bought this lipstick back in 2014 and it was my first ever ‘high-end’ product. Around this time I was looking for that Taylor Swift type vibe because I just loved her makeup looks and I wanted to give it a go. and like I have said before, I think this suits me! As all MAC lipsticks the quality of this is insane. The pigmentation is so strong. Most of the time that you see me wearing a red lipstick, it is probably going to be this one!

All the rest of my lipsticks are on the drugstore side!

Outfit of the week 1 and red lipd 013Outfit of the week 1 and red lipd 016

This Velvet Lips red lipstick is from Topshop. Like I said in my 2015 favourites the packaging will have most definitely have changed since I bought this! This again is a matte lipstick that when is on the lips and it dries looks like velvet! It’s amazing and I love this look! This shade is slightly darker than your pillar box red and it is just such a beautiful colour. The only problem with this lipstick is that it is very drying and also often needs re-applying.

Outfit of the week 1 and red lipd 010Outfit of the week 1 and red lipd 017

This one is one of the One Direction lipsticks that I got a few years ago. This one is Liam’s one. It is more of a corally red that has a slight shimmer to it. I don’t tend to wear this one that often, but now that I have re-discovered it again you could see me wearing it a lot more.

Outfit of the week 1 and red lipd 011Outfit of the week 1 and red lipd 018

This one was one of the first red lipsticks that I bought because it is less pigmented than all of my other lipsticks. This was when I was trying out red lipsticks. This lipstick is by Revlon and it is super hydrating. Because it is less pigmented than other lipsticks it does need re-applying for the best pigment.

Outfit of the week 1 and red lipd 012Outfit of the week 1 and red lipd 020

I believe that this is the last lipstick that I own (at the moment). I have put this one in because it is a darkish red and purple type shade. This is the Maybeline creamy matte in divine wine. Like it says in the name this matte shade is so creamy and does not dry out your lips! I bought this in October last year as I needed that autumnal colour and I fell in love with this one, plus its pretty cheap!

Do you wear red lipstick? What’s your favourite?