Spring Pinks

As we are coming into spring I thought I would show you one of my favourite makeup looks for Spring time. It involves PINK!

I wear this look all the time as it is so easy to create!

I hope you enjoy the video!

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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick's Day 069

I hope you are having a great day! I like probably most of us are stuck at school/work, but however, this should be the last St Patrick’s Day as in Ireland you get the day off! So next year it will be party central (I highly doubt that!)

However, I will be celebrating it this weekend (probably) because I doubt that it is a great idea to get a little bit tipsy when I have a history lesson first thing tomorrow morning and also that I have to stay at school late this evening for a geography lecture!

My mission for today though is to try and eat some Irish food. (I’m going to have to find a packet of Tatos at some point!)

I hope you have a great St Patrick’s Day doing whatever you are doing!


Learning To Drive

On the 11th March 2015 I passed my Driving Test, so to commemorate the fact that I have been driving for a year I wanted to make a video on my tips on learning to drive.

I hope this video helps any of you who are learning to drive.

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My Record Collection

Record Collection and When it rains 002

I love everything vintage. I have even said that I could probably live through the 1950’s and be ok, like I’d be ok with living without my phone and I’d be ok with the lifestyle. Maybe I would struggle with the food, because I love food! But one thing that I love about the 50’s is the music and they all had record players and just amazing music and I just have a huge love for that period.

Record Collection and When it rains 020So one birthday I got given a record player because I had so many records lying around that I couldn’t use. I also thought that I would show you all the records that I own because I like seeing these kinds of posts.

Record Collection and When it rains 022I have a rather large collection of older records because they belonged to my Grandma and she said that she was going to find more out for me because she said she doesn’t listen to them anymore.

Record Collection and When it rains 005My Grandma was a massive fan of Jim Reeves, so therefore there are a lot of Jim Reeves records.

Record Collection and When it rains 016My favourite ones are some of the classic ones like the Elvis classics, Coldplay – Mylo Xyloto, Tim Rice & Andew Lloyd Webber classics, South Pacific the film album, Frank Sinatra – My Way, One Direction – Midnight Memories and of course a Christmas Album!

I feel for an 18 year old I have a huge amount of records and I want my collection to grow! I love spending time in record shops. I always want to purchase something in them! If anyone is ever stuck for an idea for a birthday present or a present in general you will succeed in getting me any record and I will love it!


Que Sera Sera Cover

I love listening to 50s music and as some of you already know I did a cover of Magic Moments a little while ago, so I thought it was about time that I did another cover of a 50s classic.

I will apologize in advance about the fact that it is out of focus, but I filmed this so many times there was no way I was going to refilm it in focus! So I am very sorry!

Hope you like this cover!

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SkinnyDip London Delivery Review

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored blog post! I repeat NOT A SPONSORED BLOG!

I don’t know about you, but when I order online from a company that I have never ordered from before I like to look up reviews of how good the delivery service is and how reliable a brand is before I order from them. However, when searching around for stuff on SkinnyDip London there wasn’t much.

Now the good thing about SkinnyDip London is that it is stocked in Topshop, however in the Bournemouth stores the selection isn’t the biggest. I really liked the look of the phone cases and bags in Topshop though so I did some exploring and found that they did have an online store, so therefore I had to purchase something.

skinnydip london black pinafore 001skinnydip london black pinafore 004

SkinnyDip London has some real speedy delivery service as I ordered the phone case on a Saturday  and it arrived the following Monday. It was also packaged really nicely. The envelope/bag thing that it came in was this amazing silver foil type packaging. I have never seen anything packaged like that. Inside the phone was wrapped in a thin layer of plastic and then the phone case packet. The only down side to the packaging is that the actual packaging the phone case is in is pretty difficult to get the case out, but as you can see I managed it! Also inside all of this was a 10% off your next order which I thought was really sweet to add in, so I am going to have to purchase something else from their soon and trust me, I will find something!

I have had the phone case for almost 2 weeks and I really recommend it! It isn’t too flimsy that bits could snap off, which has happened to many of my iPhone 6 cases. However, it isn’t big and chunky and it doesn’t seem to add any weight to it which are all good points in my view!

skinnydip london black pinafore 008

Overall, I really recommend ordering from SkinnyDip London as they are super quick and the packaging is super awesome!