Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation Review

rimmel makeup 001

The other day I was on the hunt for a new drugstore foundation. Now I kind of hate looking for new foundations because there are so many with so many different properties that I never know which one to get! So I turned to Zoella to see what drugstore foundation she had been using to see if I could find something that I would want to use and she mentioned the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation.

I recently tested out this foundation at my friend’s 18th birthday barn dance party. I decided to test it here because I new it was going to get pretty hot and sweaty and I wanted to see its staying power as it claims to last through sweat and heat for 25 hours. I will say that I wore for about 6 hours.

With this foundation I think it works better with a beauty blender instead of a brush, however, if I had spent a little bit longer with a brush (and it was a bit cleaner) I think it could have worked well. This had amazing coverage which  and even with a load of sweat still stayed on for the whole six hours. It also turned out alright in the photos that we had taken too. Overall, I think this foundation is really good for the money. The only thing I would say is that the shade is probably the tiniest bit dark for me, but then the lighter shade was too light.

I love trying new foundations. Anymore I need to try?