School Birthday Outfit of the Day

On Friday 29th April 2016 I spent the day at school celebrating its 130th Birthday. It also happens to be my last school birthday as I will soon be finishing school! For those of you who are unsure of what school birthday it is pretty much the same as Founders Day, where you celebrate the founding... Continue Reading →

Good Luck with Exams

It is that time of year again unfortunately! EXAM SEASON So I thought I would write a little good luck post to you all sitting exams this year! Hopefully, this will be the last lot of my UK public exams and next year I will be sitting them in Ireland! I have 8 exams in... Continue Reading →

Mug Shots

As we all know, I am a huge fan of tea, and therefore I have a rather large mug collection, so I thought it was about time that I shared that with you all! I hope you like my mugs! Don't forget to subscribe! ~Ciara~

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