A Day out to the Dorset Heavy Horse Centre

IMG_6378IMG_6391IMG_6397IMG_6401IMG_6426IMG_6434In the summer of last year I went to the Heavy Horse Centre with my niece Lily and she told me it was her favourite place to go and has been begging me to go back ever since I took her in July 2015.



I kept my promise and last week I took Lily to the Heavy Horse Centre in Dorset and she had a wail of a time.


I used to go to the Heavy Horse Centre so much when I was younger and it was one of my favourite places to of when I was a child. I used to go there every school holiday that I visited my Grandma. However, the owners have changed so much of the centre since I was younger, however it is still as enjoyable as it was when I was younger. Some new features that they had this year that weren’t there last year is that they have built an indoor bouncy castle and 1950s style swings. They have also built a new playground for the children to play on.




Overall, even though the Heavy Horse Centre has so many other things to offer like driving a tractor, go carts and all the playground bits the main focus of the centre is the horses themselves. The Heavy Horse Centre is a rescue centre for shire horses. All the shire horses there have all had their fare share of stuff that has happened to them from being too big for the army, being sold for meat or having brain damage for being born backwards, however all the horses there are incredibly friendly and love their food that you can buy from the shop to feed them.



Both Lily and I had such a fun day out at the Dorset Heavy Horse Centre and I really recommend having a trip here if you are in the Verwood area as it is fun for all the family.