Beats Solo Wireless Review


When I bought my Macbook Pro back in August Apple were running a deal that if you were a university student and were buying a Mac or iPad you were able to get a pair of free beats headphones. At this point when we were buying the laptop we were still unsure if I was still going to university so we said to the Apple Geniuses that I was going to uni and I managed to get the free Beats headphones!

There were so many colours to choose from, however, I went for a classic black colour as it would go with every outfit and also they would look rather slick with my dark brown hair.

These headphones have a wire that can connect them to any device, however these headphones are also wireless. They connect by bluetooth to any device that has bluetooth! If you are to use these as a wireless headphone there is also a charging cable that comes with the headphones. These headphones are so good for traveling as they fold up to make them half the size, which is super useful and there is also a really handy little case that you can put them in to stop them from being damaged in any way!

Now onto the quality…
The sound quality of the music that comes out of these headphones os just insane. I’ve listened to some of my favourite songs on here and heard new little bits in the background of the music that I have never heard before. Everything just seems that little bit clearer with these headphones than any of the other headphones that I have ever had.

I admit, I would not have got these headphones if I had to pay for them as they are far to expensive for me to have justified. However, now that I have a pair I would never go back (especially as Apple have got rid of the headphone jack in the new iPhone 7!).


Visiting the Mary Rose


Back in the summer I went to visit the Mary Rose. I also went to visit the ship in 2009. The Mary Rose is a tudor ship that sunk nearly 500 years ago. It was discovered at the bottom of the Solent in 1972. It was then lifted in 1981 and placed in the historic dockyard in Portsmouth. Since 1981 when the ship was lifted it has been sprayed with a type of water that will protect the ship from rotting. I visited the shop when they were doing this with my Grandma (we believe it was back in 2009, but we can’t remember!). After 2013 they stopped spraying the ship and it went into a period of drying. During the period  of drying the ship was kept in an air tight room to protect it from anything.

However, on the 20th June 2016 they re-opened the Mary Rose museum where you can be in the same room as the ship. Now to most people reading this, it does not sound that impressive, however, if you think about it, people 500 years ago stood on that ship fighting.

I had an amazing afternoon at the Mary Rose museum and learnt lots! I’m glad I went to visit the new museum as it is such an improvement to what was there before!

100% recommend the museum if you are in the Portsmouth area!


The Fixer Face Spray by W7 Review


I recently watched a video where someone made their whole face up using only W7 products. I had never heard of W7 before, but this video taught me that it was a brand that was full of dupes for the pricy high end makeup. I then did my research on where I could get these products from as I’m all about those dupes and I found them on amazon for a really cheap price. I bought a couple of things (which I will write a review on soon, however I haven’t tried them out yet), but the thing I wanted to talk about and was most excited for was the Fixer Face Spray.

The Fixer Face Spray is a setting spray, I’m not sure what brand it dupes, however I have been looking for a cheap setting spray as I feel that it would be really great for nights out so that my makeup stays in one place. It retails on amazon for an incredible £2.12 which is an insane price.

This setting spray is really good, my makeup lasted all day (I even accidentally fell asleep in my makeup and the makeup hadn’t moved). I also felt like the spray also left a layer of moisture on my face that sank into my face throughout the day.

The only thing that I’m not so keen on is the smell of the spray, however, it is very easy to get over because the smell pretty much disappears by the time you have finished spraying, its just an initial smell of a hairspray type thing (perhaps all setting sprays smell like this, however this is the first setting spray I have ever used).

Overall, I really like this setting spray. Personally I don’t need it on a day to day basis, but for those days it is going to be super useful!

Have you ever used W7 products?


Ride or Die Tag by Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill made a video a few weeks back that showed her most favourite makeup products. These would be products that you could have if you were stranded on a dessert island. When I saw this I thought this was such an interesting video idea so I knew I had to film it!

I hope you enjoyed this video!

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Starting College

Yesterday I started on my new journey and I couldn’t be happier.

Yesterday was the first day of college studying subjects that I was truly going to enjoy (and trust me I did!).


The first problem I faced was what to wear. In the end I opted for something quite casual. I wore black jeans and this green blouse that has a zip for detail down the front. I also wore my vans as they were comfy and there is no dress code so I can wear what I like. I kept my makeup simple by just sticking with winged eyeliner and a nude lip (nothing to bold for my first day)

Anyone looking into going to college, here is one bit of useful information:

It is unbelievable how different college is to school. At school I felt that they treated you like a child and I know we are technically still children (as most people in education are under 18) however they do baby you quite a fair bit at school. At college it is a totally different story. You call your lecturers (not teachers!) by their first name and everything is your responsibility. It’s hard to explain how it is, but its so much better than school.

I met all of my lecturers yesterday and they all seem so nice and I am so excited to be studying film studies, media studies, ICT and photography.

In other words I wish I had gone to college sooner!