Visiting the Mary Rose

Back in the summer I went to visit the Mary Rose. I also went to visit the ship in 2009. The Mary Rose is a tudor ship that sunk nearly 500 years ago. It was discovered at the bottom of the Solent in 1972. It was then lifted in 1981 and placed in the historic... Continue Reading →

Starting College

Yesterday I started on my new journey and I couldn't be happier. Yesterday was the first day of college studying subjects that I was truly going to enjoy (and trust me I did!). The first problem I faced was what to wear. In the end I opted for something quite casual. I wore black jeans... Continue Reading →

Summer Favourites 2016

We are now unfortunately at the end of summer which means that Autumn is here! Therefore, I thought it would be about time that I show you my favourites for summer. I hope you enjoy this video! Don't forget to subscribe! ~Ciara~

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