The Fixer Face Spray by W7 Review


I recently watched a video where someone made their whole face up using only W7 products. I had never heard of W7 before, but this video taught me that it was a brand that was full of dupes for the pricy high end makeup. I then did my research on where I could get these products from as I’m all about those dupes and I found them on amazon for a really cheap price. I bought a couple of things (which I will write a review on soon, however I haven’t tried them out yet), but the thing I wanted to talk about and was most excited for was the Fixer Face Spray.

The Fixer Face Spray is a setting spray, I’m not sure what brand it dupes, however I have been looking for a cheap setting spray as I feel that it would be really great for nights out so that my makeup stays in one place. It retails on amazon for an incredible £2.12 which is an insane price.

This setting spray is really good, my makeup lasted all day (I even accidentally fell asleep in my makeup and the makeup hadn’t moved). I also felt like the spray also left a layer of moisture on my face that sank into my face throughout the day.

The only thing that I’m not so keen on is the smell of the spray, however, it is very easy to get over because the smell pretty much disappears by the time you have finished spraying, its just an initial smell of a hairspray type thing (perhaps all setting sprays smell like this, however this is the first setting spray I have ever used).

Overall, I really like this setting spray. Personally I don’t need it on a day to day basis, but for those days it is going to be super useful!

Have you ever used W7 products?