Visiting the Mary Rose


Back in the summer I went to visit the Mary Rose. I also went to visit the ship in 2009. The Mary Rose is a tudor ship that sunk nearly 500 years ago. It was discovered at the bottom of the Solent in 1972. It was then lifted in 1981 and placed in the historic dockyard in Portsmouth. Since 1981 when the ship was lifted it has been sprayed with a type of water that will protect the ship from rotting. I visited the shop when they were doing this with my Grandma (we believe it was back in 2009, but we can’t remember!). After 2013 they stopped spraying the ship and it went into a period of drying. During the period ¬†of drying the ship was kept in an air tight room to protect it from anything.

However, on the 20th June 2016 they re-opened the Mary Rose museum where you can be in the same room as the ship. Now to most people reading this, it does not sound that impressive, however, if you think about it, people 500 years ago stood on that ship fighting.

I had an amazing afternoon¬†at the Mary Rose museum and learnt lots! I’m glad I went to visit the new museum as it is such an improvement to what was there before!

100% recommend the museum if you are in the Portsmouth area!