Beats Solo Wireless Review


When I bought my Macbook Pro back in August Apple were running a deal that if you were a university student and were buying a Mac or iPad you were able to get a pair of free beats headphones. At this point when we were buying the laptop we were still unsure if I was still going to university so we said to the Apple Geniuses that I was going to uni and I managed to get the free Beats headphones!

There were so many colours to choose from, however, I went for a classic black colour as it would go with every outfit and also they would look rather slick with my dark brown hair.

These headphones have a wire that can connect them to any device, however these headphones are also wireless. They connect by bluetooth to any device that has bluetooth! If you are to use these as a wireless headphone there is also a charging cable that comes with the headphones. These headphones are so good for traveling as they fold up to make them half the size, which is super useful and there is also a really handy little case that you can put them in to stop them from being damaged in any way!

Now onto the quality…
The sound quality of the music that comes out of these headphones os just insane. I’ve listened to some of my favourite songs on here and heard new little bits in the background of the music that I have never heard before. Everything just seems that little bit clearer with these headphones than any of the other headphones that I have ever had.

I admit, I would not have got these headphones if I had to pay for them as they are far to expensive for me to have justified. However, now that I have a pair I would never go back (especially as Apple have got rid of the headphone jack in the new iPhone 7!).