Tanya Burr Perfect Brows Palette Review


I recently decided that I was going to take more care of my brows when doing makeup, I used to just brush them through and leave it like that, now I have realisd thet they look so much better with product on! I normally would use the Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint, but that is £10 and I don’t even get a student discount there, so I was looking for a cheaper alternative, that’s when I discovered Tanya’s brows palette.

This is a super good price at £6.99 and if you have a student discount card you ca get an extra 10% off which when you are a student is amazing!

The packaging of this I find super cute and adorable and the huge mirror inside is an amazing addition to the product, I feel like now a days most affordable products come with the finest mirror, and sometimes no mirror at all! I would personally say that the packaging is aimed at a younger audience than myself. I mean if I was 14/15 and saw this I would be like yes please! (Well actually when I was 14 I was like ‘what is makeup?’)


This palette is super versatile as it comes with 3 different shades and a highlight, which has so many sparkles in it, which is beautiful! It also comes with a tiny brush and tiny tweezers.


I mix the shades chestnut and hot coco to get my perfect shade for my brows, these shades mix together perfectly which means that anyone should be able to use this palette! Now I admit, I’ve never used a powder product for my eyebrows and even with pen products I still don’t really know what I’m doing, however I really liked the effect that these gave, I also loved how these were super pigmented and by surprise there was no fall out or anything like that! The powder also managed to stay in place all day without moving! I also used the highlight colour to highlight my brow bone. This is the perfect shade for me as it is super pale, it is almost white with sparkles, this finished off the brows perfectly to make them pretty much look flawless (not quite as I’m not that good at brows!). The brush was also really soft and lovely, personally I would prefer if the brush had a slightly longer handle as then I think it would be easier to use, however the brush was super easy to use and it fits in the product and therefore it is super easy for travelling.

Overall, I blooming love this! I actually think this is going to be my new favourite eyebrow product to use and also the highlight is life! I love Tanya Burr and I love all of the little bits of her beauty range that I have tried over the past few years and this is going to be one of my favourites!