New Years Resolutions 2017


I wrote a post like this last year explaining my New Years Resolutions for me to remember them so I wouldn’t forget and I thought I would do the same again, however firstly I want to look back at last years resolutions to reflect on how well (or how badly) I have done.

Last years resolution was to trust myself more. I feel that throughout 2016 I have done this. I felt like I was doing the wrong thing by going to university to study geography and history in Ireland, as soon as I decided it was wrong, I changed it. I stopped packing and I decided not to go and I have to tell you it has been the best decision of my life so far. I now am at college studying film, media, photography and IT, at this moment in time I know this is the path for me. I now know that if I had gone to uni I would be unhappy and would have probably given up by now. I’m so much happier studying my new subjects in a new environment, part of me wishes I had done this a few years ago as I would have been so much happier earlier.

This years resolution is to obviously continue to trust myself throughout 2017, however, I would like my resolution to be to make sure I’m happy doing whatever I am doing. I need to learn that if I’m not happy with what I am doing or the people I am around I need to stop what I’m doing and do something else, that has been the big learning curve throughout 2016 and I want to be happier throughout 2017. I want 2017 to be a year that I look back on and think happy thoughts about.

Other smaller resolutions include uploading a video to YouTube at least once a week, whether that be a weekly vlog or a ‘main channel’ video, upload one blog post a week and also to see my Grandma once a week, my Grandma is getting old sadly and she is getting more and more complaints, therefore, I need to build and keep happy memories of my Grandma as she means the world to me. Another one would be to swear a bit less (but I know that will never happen!)

I also have little goals in mind for my blog and YouTube channel throughout 2017. I would like to grow both my blog and my channel as I enjoy doing both of these and it makes me so happy and proud when I reach a mile stone. I would like to be at 400 subscribers by this time next year for YouTube, I would like to think that is possible, however growing on YouTube is becoming more and more difficult! I don’t have a number in mind for my blog, however I would like to grow my blog following as well!

There we have it, my resolutions for the new year!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year and that I hope that 2017 brings everything that you ask for and when you are old and grey you can look back at 2017 with happiness and love.

Happy New Year!


Lush Ruby Red Slippers Review

When I went to the Lush Event we got to make a product from the Christmas range. Jess, Louise, Georgia and I made the Ruby Red Slipper bubble bar as this was quite easy to make.  All you had to do was pop some glitter on it and put it in the mould. We got to take them home to try and because I’ve never used a bubble bar before I thought I would review it.


The Ruby Red Slipper bubble bar created the nicest and biggest bubbles my bath has ever seen and it was so lovely. It made the bath all nice and soft and the water was a slight redish pink colour which was an added bonus!


This is the first time I have ever used a bubble bar from Lush so I didn’t know what to expect, but now I think its amazing and it is amazing value for money as you can get multiple baths out of this.

This bubble bar is from the Christmas range at Lush and makes the perfect gift for someone who loves a good bath.


Vlogmas Catchup

Here’s all of this weeks vlogmas videos…

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th December

Monday 12th December

Tuesday 13th December

Wednesday 14th December

Thursday 15th December

Friday 16th December

Saturday 17th December

Hope you enjoyed these vlogs! It has been another busy week (hence why I have neglected the blog a bit)!

It’s Christmas a week today!


Vlogmas Catchup

It is that time of the week again, where I catch you guys up on all of the vlogs from the past week. It has been a pretty full week!

Sunday 4th December

Monday 5th December

Tuesday 6th December

Wednesday 7th December

Thursday 8th December

Friday 9th December

This week has been very busy and I can’t believe I’ve actually managed a vlog everyday!


The Polar Express Film Review

polar-express-banner-imageOne of my favourite films to watch at Christmas is the Polar Express, in fact it is not Christmas without watching this film. This has been a favourite of mine ever since it came out in 2004.

This film is about a boy whom is starting not to believe in Santa Clause. On Christmas Eve a mysterious magical train appears to pick him up to take him to the North Pole to try and help him believe. The story of this film follows the journey of Chris and his ability to believe in the magic of Christmas.

I admit, the graphic in this aren’t the best, but think back to 2004, these graphics were magical back then, so we have to hand it to them for that. I love the story line to this film and I think this film would make any child believe in the magic of Christmas and Santa and all things wonderful!

This film stars the incredible Tom Hanks who I feel like voices every male character in this movie (probably not true). He has such a distinct voice that it just works and he brings the characters to life!

I feel that this film is so adorable and so cute and I love it. A small part of me wants them to make a second polar express to see if the boy and the girl get together and visit Santa again, but then the other part of me wants them to leach it alone as it is such a good movie and a sequel could possibly destroy it!


Lush Never Mind the Ballistics Review

At the Lush Bournemouth VIP night I was kindly gifted the Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb and I thought I would review it for you as it is new to their Christmas range this year.


This is a bath bomb smells incredible! It smells so fruity and I just wanted to eat it! (Obviously I know not to!) It has sweet wild orange oils and lime. This also has banana in which adds softening properties to the bath bomb. The pink side of the bomb is a lot creamier and not what you expect a bath bomb to feel like, this is because it is coated in coco butter, which obviously makes everything a million times better as it is so smoothing on the skin and it will make it so much smoother.


The colours of this bath bomb are just stunning! At first it turns your bath completely yellow with swirls of different shades of yellow swirling around, then as soon as it hits the middle the pink swirls start to appear and it made this really funny shape that i thought looked a bit like a chicken! I noticed throughout the use of this bath bomb that their were sparkles coming out of it and in my opinion that makes everything a million times better!

I got out of the bath and immediately felt my skin to see if my skin had changed. It had! My skin felt so much softer and do much smoother. Even the next morning I felt my arms and realised that they were still smooth, it was so refreshing! I also looked at the colour of me to see if I needed rinsing of colour and I didn’t, the bright colours of these bath bombs thankfully didn’t stick to me! (that could have been embarrassing otherwise!)

I would happily get this again and use it over and over as it was nice and relaxing and also this makes me want to have more baths!


Meetdraw Masquerade Ball


Last week I went to my second ever blogger event and it was a networking event at the O2 Academy in Bournemouth, it was with a company called Meetdraw. This was the first year that they had done a big Christmas bash as in previous years they had done a meal that we had to pay for and only a small amount of people were allowed to go. This year the tickets were free and it was a masquerade ball.


I wore my on the shoulder dress from ASOS as I thought this would be a nice in between a ball gown and a cocktail dress. I also wore flat shoes as I didn’t want to fall over in heels, especially at an event like this! I managed to find my mask pretty last minute. It was off of eBay and it was only like £12 or something like that and it worked well with my outfit!


At the event there was a swing band which made the whole night a million times better. They played some of the old classics like ‘Sway’ and they also included some more modern songs like ‘Happy’ by Pharel and also ‘Uptown Funk’. It was so much fun to dance to and I am now desperate to go to another swing dance. The band was insanely talented and I’m hoping that my step sister will use them at their wedding as they were amazing!


During one of the band breaks we were challenged to do the mannequin challenge. I have never taken part in one of these before, but they decided to do this with all of us and it actually turned out amazingly, yes there are a few movers and shakers, but considering the amount of people and also that we did this in one take I think it is pretty incredible!
You can check out our mannequin challenge here… Can you spot me????

I had such a great night at the event and it was so nice to meet some new bloggers and also see some that I have met before like Brogan. Thank you to Bethany for coming with me and a huge thank you to Meetdraw for organising an incredible night!

You can check out mine and Bethany’s vlog for the night here…

Bethany’s vlog is coming soon!


Winchester Christmas Market

As part of my photography A Level we were given a shoot that was about depth. Our teacher then asked us to have a theme of markets and street furniture. I immediately took that as a Christmas Market and the first place I immediately thought of Winchester. Winchester has been voted the best Christmas market within Europe.

To me it doesn’t feel like Christmas without visiting these markets as I have been every year for years and I love it and it is so Christmassy. These markets are a must if you are in the area you must go and visit them as there are some little gems in the little sheds!


I’m so grateful that my teacher suggested that our theme for this shoot was markets as it meant I could get in the festive spirit!


Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub Review

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the Lush VIP night in Bournemouth, it was one of the best nights I’ve had and I met some amazing blogger girlies on the night and I had an absolute blast!


I was also fortunate enough to receive some bits and pieces from the Christmas range and I didn’t have to pay a penny for! (I’m still amazingly grateful for that!)
I thought I would review some of the products that I was given from the event, the first being the lip scrub in Sugar Plum Fairy.

All of Lush’s products use natural products so everything in this is natural and also the products are cruelty free which is obviously a massive bonus! In this scrub there is caster sugar, organic jojoba oil, sweet wild orange oil, citral, limonene and purple lustre (glitter).

It is so simple and easy to apply. All you have to do is dip your finger in the pot, put it on your lips and then because it is made from natural ingredients you get to lick the excess off  (it tastes amazing and is lovely and sweet!)

The scent of this is also very sweet, I can smell orange and also a bit of blackcurrant in there, it reminds me of when I used to mix orange and blackcurrant squash at parties when I was younger. It is super sweet though so if you aren’t into that then I would probably avoid this one and go for one of the other flavours.

Before this I had never used a lip scrub before and now I will never go back! I (try to) use this everyday as it just softens my lips and gets rid of all the dead skin, plus also it helps to get rid of the little bits of lipstick that I didn’t quite get off from the night before!

I love this lip scrub so much, it makes my lips feel a million times softer and also it tastes amazing too!

This is a part of Lush’s Christmas range which will only be available for a limited amount of time, so go and get it now!


November Favourites 2016

Welcome to the first proper post of the festive season! I thought I would start it off with a favourites blog post like I did last year! However, there aren’t as many things as last year!img_7296


My first favourite has to be one of which I mentioned in last years November favourites! It is the Maybeline Creamy Matte Lipstick in the shade Divine Wine. I get so many compliments wearing this shade and it feels absolutely divine to wear on the lips as it is so creamy yet it gives me the matte finish that I’m after. I;ve also established that this lipstick doesn’t need too much of a touchup when wearing it, yes obviously it needs a little touchup after you’ve been eating or drinking, however if you are just wearing it and not doing anything like that it doesn’t wear off like some other lipsticks I’ve tried. This lipstick is just the perfect colour for me and I really enjoy wearing this.


This month I have fallen back in love with the BodyShop Spiced Apple Shimmer mist. I bought this last year as it was part of their Christmas collection as it smelt of apples and had sparkly bits in it, which obviously makes anything a million times better! The scent of this is perfect, as it is really fruity (nice one Ciara, its an apple is a fruit!). The scent of this lasts for a fair amount of time and I’ve had a few complements when wearing this and it’s just lovely!


I love watching TV, and having Netflix has made watching a TV series at once much easier. This month I have been obsessed with the TV series ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’. This stars Rachel Bloom, Vincent Rodriguez III and Santino Fontana. It’s a show about a girl who moves across the country to try and get back with her ex. This series is one of my favourites as it also features songs, its almost like the TV show is a musical. This is a really funny series and I feel that is really relatable!

Those are my favourites for the month of November! What are yours?