Lush Never Mind the Ballistics Review

At the Lush Bournemouth VIP night I was kindly gifted the Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb and I thought I would review it for you as it is new to their Christmas range this year.


This is a bath bomb smells incredible! It smells so fruity and I just wanted to eat it! (Obviously I know not to!) It has sweet wild orange oils and lime. This also has banana in which adds softening properties to the bath bomb. The pink side of the bomb is a lot creamier and not what you expect a bath bomb to feel like, this is because it is coated in coco butter, which obviously makes everything a million times better as it is so smoothing on the skin and it will make it so much smoother.


The colours of this bath bomb are just stunning! At first it turns your bath completely yellow with swirls of different shades of yellow swirling around, then as soon as it hits the middle the pink swirls start to appear and it made this really funny shape that i thought looked a bit like a chicken! I noticed throughout the use of this bath bomb that their were sparkles coming out of it and in my opinion that makes everything a million times better!

I got out of the bath and immediately felt my skin to see if my skin had changed. It had! My skin felt so much softer and do much smoother. Even the next morning I felt my arms and realised that they were still smooth, it was so refreshing! I also looked at the colour of me to see if I needed rinsing of colour and I didn’t, the bright colours of these bath bombs thankfully didn’t stick to me! (that could have been embarrassing otherwise!)

I would happily get this again and use it over and over as it was nice and relaxing and also this makes me want to have more baths!



  1. I’ve never bought any of their bath bombs (simply because I’m more of a shower person) but they are so much fun to look at, and smell so good. That orange and lime combo sounds heavenly. Coco butter is fantastic too, I can imagine this being a fruity cocktail for your skin. Nice review, and lovely blog.

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