The Polar Express Film Review

polar-express-banner-imageOne of my favourite films to watch at Christmas is the Polar Express, in fact it is not Christmas without watching this film. This has been a favourite of mine ever since it came out in 2004.

This film is about a boy whom is starting not to believe in Santa Clause. On Christmas Eve a mysterious magical train appears to pick him up to take him to the North Pole to try and help him believe. The story of this film follows the journey of Chris and his ability to believe in the magic of Christmas.

I admit, the graphic in this aren’t the best, but think back to 2004, these graphics were magical back then, so we have to hand it to them for that. I love the story line to this film and I think this film would make any child believe in the magic of Christmas and Santa and all things wonderful!

This film stars the incredible Tom Hanks who I feel like voices every male character in this movie (probably not true). He has such a distinct voice that it just works and he brings the characters to life!

I feel that this film is so adorable and so cute and I love it. A small part of me wants them to make a second polar express to see if the boy and the girl get together and visit Santa again, but then the other part of me wants them to leach it alone as it is such a good movie and a sequel could possibly destroy it!